Volunteer Recognition Award

This award was established to recognize the contributions of volunteers and volunteer members. The award is presented to individuals whose service and commitment to the organization have merited special mention and to acknowledge a significant and special contribution to the work of the Ontario Camps Association in the year of presentation.

Award Recipient

Jordanna Grossinger

Jordanna Grossinger has literally grown up at camp. As a third-generation Camp Director at Camp Robin Hood, she is proud to be passing on the family tradition. Beyond her camp roles, Jordanna is a passionate speech-language pathologist, with a specific interest in facilitating social skills groups for students with additional needs. Her love for supporting campers and staff in achieving successful camp experiences shines through in all she does. Having worn multiple hats, from staff training to marketing, from camp business to parent collaboration as well as behaviour management, Jordanna has truly immersed herself in the camp world. She is grateful for the opportunities to have spoken at numerous conferences to date and is proud to be co-chairing this year’s Ontario Camps Association conference.

Award Recipient

Rachel Kent

Rachel has a strong affinity for things that start with the letter C – camp, CrossFit, coffee, canines, and community. Building on fifteen years of experience in a variety of camping and outdoor communities, Rachel currently works as the Regional Manager of Overnight Camping for the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario. Her favourite parts of camp are outrageous costumes, causing chaos with campers and quiet conversations.  Rachel is an advocate for community, storytelling and creating space for growth. They believe we should listen before we speak and seek out others whose life experience differs from our own. An active member, and former Vice President of the Ontario Camps Association, Rachel is passionate about ensuring all voices are heard around the table. In their free time, Rachel helps lead an outreach group serving those experiencing homelessness in London, Ontario and is raising a husky puppy.

Award Recipient

Fraser “Tito” McOuat

Camp has been part of Tito’s life since the late 90’s. Having spent nearly a decade at Camp Wenonah as a camper, Tito joined the Wenonah Staff team in 2008. After working many seasonal positions, he moved into a full-time role in the Fall of 2013. Tito currently serves as the Senior Director of Operations at Camp Wenonah. The 2019 recipient of the Ron and Mickey Johnstone Award, Tito has also volunteered with the OCA for many years as a Senior Standards Accreditor. Tito strongly believes in the power of camp and its impact on the development of children and teenagers. When Tito is not at camp, he lives in Toronto with his family, eagerly awaiting the birth of his first child, coming this Spring!

Award Recipient

Evan Roth

Evan has put endless time and effort into volunteering with the OCA. Not only has he been apart of the board, but he also contributed time to various committees. He assisted with the conference in 2023 and is doing so again for the 2024 conference. Evan is also a standards visitor. This past summer, he met with and visited two camps. He is always the first one to lend a helping hand, offer advice or even just be a listening ear.

Past Recipients

  • 2021 :  Ana Belic; Matthew Bernardo; Rob Deman; Julie Gallie; Kate Goodfellow; Jane Isbister; Tracy Morley; Ilana Stoch; Erin Sunstrum
  • 2020 :  Thomas Appleyard; Michelle Colomvakos, Stéphane Richard, Bev Unger, Nancy Vandenbergh
  • 2019 :  No recipients
  • 2018 :  Tia Pearse; Danny Roth; Robin Squires; Miles Villneff; Lauren Weinberg
  • 2017 :  Rob Crew; Julie Gallie; Karen Hartnett; Kelly Mathews; Brandon McClounie; Tracey Morley; Melissa Ray
  • 2016 :  Eugene Chong; Rob Crew; Karen Hartnett; Mara Kates; Kelly Mathews; Bruce Phillips
  • 2015 :  Brian Blackstock; Mark Diamond; Michael Diamond; Colin Leonard; Jonathan Nyquist; Miles Villneff
  • 2014 :  Mike Greenfield; Alf Grigg; Sari Grossinger
  • 2014 :  Kate Horton; Tracy Morley; Mike Sladden
  • 2013 :  Nancy Cohen; Matthuschka Sheedy; Bev Unger
  • 2012 :  John Bergman; Cheryl Bernknopf; Sol Birenbaum; Marc Cooper; Leon Muszynski; Jonathan Nyquist
  • 2011 :  Jen Anderson; Jen Cockburn; Mark Diamond; Jen Dundas; Kevin French; Rick Howard; Paul Lucianni; Andrew MacDonald; Colleen McLean; Tracy Morley
  • 2010 :  Brian Edmonds; Sari Grossinger; Ellen Nash; Tia Pearse; Sara Petker
  • 2009 :  Rose Attard; Bruce Emmerton; Barb Gilbert; Peter Gilbert; Paul Grossinger; Robyn Hochglaube; Bruce Hodgins; Jenna Larman; Jeremy Laverty; Graham MacLellan; Megan Snape
  • 2008 :  Claire Bodkin; Marc Cooper; Colleen Irvine; Kate Strachan; Barb Weeden
  • 2007 :  Mark Diamond; Janet Fine; John Malcolmson; Darryl McKenzie; Lisa Phillips; Marci Shea-Perry; Eric Shendelman; Ron Tenthory
  • 2006 :  Rob Carmichael; Stephen Fine; Leslie Inglis; Marisa Mancuso; Catherine Ross; David Ward
  • 2005 :  Jeff Bradshaw; Jeff Brown; Mari-Beth Crysler; Jacqueline Harrison; Jane McCutcheon; Stephanie Seagram; Robin Squires; Jennifer Wolfenden; April Young
  • 2004 :  Cheryl Bernknopf; Barb Gray; Alf Grigg; Steve Heming; Kim Mitchell; Robert Murray; David Sheffe
  • 2003 :  Sol Birenbaum; Brian Blackstock; Sam Butcher; Howie Grossinger; Brian Shelley; Patti Thom; Lisa Wilson
  • 2002 :  Michael Bakker; Jalynn Bosley; Kim Brooks; Rhonda Dalrymple; Markus Fehr; Leigh Fettes; Ellen Howard; Pam Lamont; Sarah Powell; Martha Williams
  • 2001 :  Sam Butcher; Barb Gray; Craig Hartley; Barb Hnatiak; Ellen Howard; David Lever; Howard Oretsky; Jocelyn Palm; Cathy Smart; Robin Squires
  • 2000 :  Linda Enright; Wendy MacKenzie; Joe Richards; Duncan Robertson; Bill Stevens; Patti Thom; Barb Weeden
  • 1999 :  Pearl Bell; Barb Hnatiak; Scott Torrance; Eoin Wood
  • 1998 :  Sari Bell Grossinger; Brian Blackstock; Sarah Oosterhuis
  • 1997 :  Janet Adamson; Larry Bell; John Bergman; Jeff Bradshaw; Dave Graham; Pauline Hodgetts; Ellen Nash; Elaine Paterson; Patti Thom
  • 1996 :  Peter Gilbert; Todd Greenbloom; Fiora Hawryluk; Bruce Muchnick; Jen Palacios; Nick Wells; Maija Zeibots
  • 1995 :  Jim Blake; Caryl Colton; Cathy Hitchcock; Phil Huffman; Barb Jorgenson; Adam Kronick; Joyce McDonald; George Ross; Bev Unger
  • 1994 :  Marjorie Booth; Jill Dundas; Mykl Greenbloom; Allan Nelson; Joe Pavelka; Catherine Ross
  • 1993 :  Mary Casey; Ted Cole; Brian Edey; John Jorgenson; Elaine Kalnbach; Rick Romman; Deirdre Speers; Dave Ward