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OCA Members are looking for candidates for various roles in the camps and outdoor industry, as well as related Preferred Vendor roles. These jobs can be seasonal part-time, seasonal full-time, or even year-round full-time or part-time!

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Looking for a Summer Job?

Ontario summer camps and outdoor education centres hire over 120,000 people each year for many different roles. Having been to camp before is not a requirement – working at camp is an opportunity for everyone!

Candidates should:

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Have leadership experience and are willing to learn
  • Have an interest in the arts, sciences, sports, or another camp activity
  • Have an interest in another area of camp life such as food service, maintenance, nursing, etc.
  • Committed to making camp a safe, accessible, and fun place for every camper

Sound familiar? Then there might be a job waiting for you at camp this summer!

The best time to look for summer employment is in December; however, there are new jobs posted year-round! For more information on working at camp, visit the OCA Job Board.

What You Need to Know About Working at Camp or an Outdoor Education Centre

A counsellor becomes a camper’s hero. Camp and outdoor education centre jobs are perfect for people who want to make a difference in the life of their campers!

There are endless benefits to working at a camp or an outdoor education centre. Some of our favourites are:

  • Helping others reach their goals and aspirations
  • Building leadership skills
  • Obtaining valuable work experiences
  • Learning time management skills
  • Making lifelong friends
  • Instilling confidence, sense of responsibility, and independence
  • Gaining useful, marketable skills such as:
    • Communication
    • Decision making skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Cooperation
    • Learning how to work with people
    • Problem solving

A camp or outdoor education centre position offers meaningful employment, new skills, and enhanced job marketability.

If you know anyone looking for summer employment, tell them about the OCA and share this page with them. Consider where their interests might have the most impact. For example, a budding artist may enjoy working at an arts and crafts camp. Do they want to go away for the summer at an overnight camp or work at a day camp with the flexibility to come home in the evenings? Remember, previous camp experience is not a requirement for many camp jobs!

To learn more about current employment opportunities with our OCA Members, visit the OCA Job Board.

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Looking for a Summer Job?

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Info for International Staff

Are you from another country and looking for a Canadian summer camp job?

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