Info for International Staff

Camps and Outdoor Education Centres hire thousands of international staff each year to work with children and youth in a variety of roles!

Why do so many people travel to Ontario to work at a camp or outdoor education centre each year?

  • Ontario is a beautiful province, filled with breathtaking natural features and bountiful wildlife
  • The camp environment is a fun, exciting environment – for campers AND staff
  • The opportunity to travel in Canada

What you’ll gain

  • Work experience: You’ll help teach campers how to interact respectfully, care for one another compassionately, solve problems and accomplish goals as a team
  • New perspective: Experience a new country and become a member of a new extended camp family is a life-changing experience
  • Develop skills for testing your own limits, making challenging decisions and communicating to small and large groups of people
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

Work Permit

If you work in Canada you must be legally permitted to do so. For more information regarding acquiring a Canadian work permit, you can consult the following government of Canada web-site:

Need Help?

There are many organizations affiliated with the OCA that help international staff find successful placements at Canadian camps. If you aren’t working with one already, click the button below!

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