OCA Awards 2021

As a volunteer organization, it is important to provide opportunities for Members to gain recognition for their outstanding contributions to the Association and to specific areas of camping. Recognizing our deserving colleagues is an important way for us to appreciate their career achievements and set the bar for our younger colleagues.

The OCA Awards Committee annually receives numerous nominations for awards and is so pleased to recognize the talent and accomplishments that each recipient exhibits. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to share in the celebration of recognizing greatness within the OCA. Please click here for information on the most recent Awards Recipients.

The OCA is proud to present the following Awards to Members on an annual basis.

Several young people sitting around a campfire at night with their tent nearby.


  • Introduction
  • Brian Blackstock OCA Archives Award
  • Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence
  • Honorary Life Member Award
  • John “Jorgi” Jorgenson International Development Award
  • OCA Legacy Award
  • Preferred Vendors Recognition Award
  • Ron & Mickey Johnstone Youth Leadership Award
  • Volunteer Recognition Award
  • OCA Milestone Awards
  • OCA’s Covid Legacy

Award Nominations

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