John “Jorgi” Jorgenson International Development Award

This award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the international camping community through their leadership and their support of the camping philosophy.

Award Recipient

Beth Allison

After 45 years in the Camp industry, Beth is more passionate than ever about intentional leadership training and building solid, supportive community. After serving as an Executive Director of five summer camps in Ontario, Canada, she created CampHacker with her husband, Travis, became a founding member of GoCampPro, and is now an author, trainer, and one of the hosts of Camp Code, a podcast dedicated to leadership training. Her goal is to make everyone she has the privilege to meet feel valued and affirmed for who they are. Oh, and she’s a sucker for a great acronym.

Beth is a passionate advocate for women and gender-minorities throughout the summer camp industry.

She co-created and hosted the Camp Code podcast which focussed on creative and intentional ways to design summer camp staff training so that camp staff build a welcoming community capable of taking care of campers. Camp Code has been downloaded more than 65,000 times in 31 countries.

Beth saw a need for a safe space for Camp Professionals who are women and gender-minorities. She worked with her 2 Camp Code co-hosts and the staff of the American Camp Association of Illinois to create the Women in Camp Summit. They have held 2 in-person events in Chicago, 2 online summits during COVID and will return to N. Chicago this December.

Beth’s focus has always been on facilitating welcoming communities of staff capable of remarkable accomplishments while dealing with the adversity and communications struggles of young adults in camp environments.

Beth’s Contributions include

  • Host of the Camp Code podcast for 10 years
  • Co-Founder of the Women in Camp Summit
  • Co-Founder of Go Camp Pro, which has produced 8 podcasts focussed on summer camp leadership and trained summer camp leaders, directors and owners in more than a dozen countries.
  • Hosted the “COVID-19 & Camp” Slack group of over 5000 members
  • Was an instructor of 5-Minute Fridays for 3 years
  • Has done staff training events in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois
  • Keynote and workshop speaker at OCA, ACQ, ICC Russia, ACA-MidStates, Women in Camp Summit, ACA Tri-State, UMC CRM National Gathering, Buckeye Leadership Workshop, WNC Epic group

Past Recipients

  • 2018 :  Jill Dundas
  • 2011 :  Stephen Fine, Ph.D.
  • 2009 :  Jeff Bradshaw
  • 2004 :  John Jorgenson
  • 2000 :  Jack Pearse
  • 1995 :  Jane McCutcheon