Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence

This award was created by the OCA Board to recognize the contribution of Dorothy Walter to the growth and development of the Association. It is one of the most prestigious recognitions offered by the OCA. Dorothy died in December of 2006; however, her legacy of leadership lives on in the form of the good work done and fine examples set by the past and future recipients of this high recognition.

The award is presented, not necessarily annually, for providing outstanding service over a period of time. This outstanding service must include, but is not limited, to:

  • Board and/or Committee leadership;
  • Workshop and/or Conference leadership; and,
  • Publication of articles regarding the field of camping.

Award Recipient

Jennifer "JJ" Jupp

The Dorothy Walter Award was created to recognize Dorothy’s contributions to the growth and development of the association, and we are honoured to recognize JJ’s contributions through this prestigious award.  JJ has continually contributed to the growth and development of the OCA, and in doing so, has focussed her attention on supporting the development of each member of the OCA she impacts in the process.

Over her nearly 30 year connection with OCA, JJ has been at the centre of countless life-changing and life-affirming moments for those that have been fortunate to have been engaged, mentored, and led by her. JJ always looks for opportunities to enrich the experience for those around her. And for decades, she has done just that.

Due in great part to JJ’s impactful leadership, the OCA has thoughtfully and deliberately “met the moment” over the past few years as we face a dramatically altered landscape for children and young people in our orbit as camping professionals. During a time of radical change and evolution for the camping movement, JJ, through her innovative, thoughtful and creative approach, has further enriched and enhanced the experience for all of us who celebrate the joys of “camp”. JJ has always approached the challenge of her responsibilities with the delicate balance of vision and pragmatism. She has often, by choice AND by circumstance, championed causes and issues that have challenged our association and our industry.

JJ shies away from the spotlight; never looking for attention or recognition. Instead, she shines a light on people that need support and on those issues that require careful engagement. JJ always looks for opportunities to be impactful. Simply, it’s who she is.

JJ can always be depended upon to offer her insight and perspective to her peers on specific issues of importance. She is literally a phone call away and many that have benefited appreciate her investment of time and energy and her commitment to collaboration.

I am grateful to call JJ a mentor and friend, as do countless other OCA colleagues. It is an honour to know and work with her, and this award is a small way to express our gratitude to her work and ongoing legacy.

Many members of the OCA community can speak to the great pleasure of serving alongside JJ in many capacities. She is the consummate volunteer. Engaged, thoughtful, energetic and devoted to the success of OCA. Over the past three decades, here is a snapshot of the work that JJ has done on behalf of OCA and within the camping and outdoor education community.

OCA Experience:

  • OCA Board Member, OCA Vice President, Conference Co-Chair, Human Resources Committee, Special Needs Resource Committee, Conference Committee, Mentorship Committee (current Chair), Sr. Standards Visitor (over 10 years), regular Conference/workshop leader and facilitator over the past 30 years.

Private Overnight Camps – over 25 years’ experience:

  • Director – Camp Arowhon and Camp Arowhon Outdoor Centre
  • Director – Camp Wanapitei
  • SR Director (present) – Camp Wenonah

Agency Camp Experience – over 10 years’ experience:

  • YMCA Wanakita – Camper, Staff, Senior Leadership Staff
  • YMCA-YWCA of Guelph Camp Nagiwa – Director through OCA accreditation process

Halton Board of Education – over 10 years’ experience:

  • Head of Marketing for Outdoor Environment Education integrated credit programs. Teacher for Integrated Credit Outdoor Environmental Leadership Program.

Board of Directors Experience:

  • University of Guelph University Centre Board, Wanapitei Board, Central Public School Council Chair.
  • Professional facilitator in the corporate and non-profit sectors focusing on diversity, team building, and work culture transformation including most recently, a featured presenter at the 12th International Camping Congress in Tarragona, Spain.

Past Recipients

  • 2022 :  Tracy Morley
  • 2021 :  Kelly Mathews
  • 2020 :  Mark Diamond
  • 2019 :  Rob Carmichael
  • 2018 :  Dr. Stephen Fine
  • 2017 :  Leon Muszynski
  • 2016 :  Bev Unger
  • 2015 :  Alf Grigg
  • 2014 :  Howie Grossinger
  • 2013 :  Eric Shendelman
  • 2012 :  Liz Greenway
  • 2011 :  Barb Weeden
  • 2010 :  Sari Grossinger
  • 2009 :  Bruce Hodgins
  • 2008 :  Dave Graham
  • 2007 :  Bruce Emmerton
  • 2006 :  Jeff Bradshaw
  • 2005 :  Pearl Bell
  • 2004 :  Brian Blackstock
  • 2003 :  Ellen Nash
  • 2002 :  Jocelyn Palm
  • 2001 :  Jill Dundas
  • 2000 :  Janet Adamson
  • 1999 :  Mary Casey
  • 1998 :  Bob Smith
  • 1997 :  Catherine Ross
  • 1996 :  Ted Cole
  • 1995 :  Marjorie Booth
  • 1994 :  John Jorgenson
  • 1993 :  Patti Thom
  • 1992 :  Barb Gilbert
  • 1991 :  Jean McIlwrick
  • 1990 :  David Sands
  • 1989 :  Jane McCutcheon
  • 1988 :  Larry Bell
  • 1987 :  Dorothy Walter