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From the clear blue waters of Temagami to the majestic scenery of Muskoka to the strikingly beautiful St. Lawrence Seaway to the stunning skylines of our cities, Ontario is the perfect place to go to camp. It is a vast province with over 250,000 lakes, more than 100,000 kilometres of rivers and the most beautiful wilderness, scenery and wildlife, both within and outside its cities.

For more than 100 years, campers have experienced the joy of camp in Ontario. There is an abundance of choice with more than 450 OCA Accredited Camps and Outdoor Education Centres offering every kind of program imaginable.

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Travelling to Ontario

The most important thing for campers travelling to Ontario to do is to communicate with their camp! Camps are very experienced with welcoming international campers, and will have the answers you need to make your arrival in Ontario as easy as possible!

Your camp will advise you about:

  • The best way to get to camp
  • The schedule for arrival and departure
  • Arrangements for meeting and supervising your child and facilitating their travel to camp

Unaccompanied Minors (Young Passengers)

Campers who fly alone, to be met by camp staff at the airport, should travel as Unaccompanied Young Passengers – the airlines will then be responsible to see that they are met by authorized staff. Parents should communicate with their camp of all travel details (airline, flight number, date, times, etc.) well in advance and should send the camper’s photo if it is their child’s first visit to camp.

Make sure that the camper returns as an Unaccompanied Young Passenger upon completion of his or her stay. There may be a charge for this service by the airline, which you will pay at the time you purchase your flight tickets. This is an important detail, especially for children under 14 years. Please let the camp know if you wish your child to travel as an Unaccompanied Young Passenger if they are over 14 years old.

Medical Insurance

Your camp will direct you on the insurance required for your camper. Please make sure that your child travels with emergency contact information and any necessary insurance forms.


Depending on the country your child is from, they may need a visa to enter Canada. To determine whether a camper needs a visa to enter Canada, use this tool on the Government of Canada website.

Safekeeping of Documents

Your camp will let you know what their policy is for keeping your camper’s important documents safe for their return home! In general, when your camper arrives at camp, their passports, plane tickets, travel money, and any other special papers will be given to the director for safekeeping during the stay at camp.

Additional Fees

Camps may have a surcharge for making individual arrangements to meet those who travel by air or train (please inquire with your camp). In addition, there may be an extra charge if your child needs to arrive one day early or leave one day late at camp. Please discuss any individual arrangements with your camp prior to making your payment.

Weather in Ontario

The weather from June 21 to September 21 can be very hot and humid. In southern Ontario, daytime temperatures are usually above 20°C and sometimes above 30°C.

Your camp will provide you with a complete packing list of what to bring to camp – when in doubt, ask your camp!


For some camps, registration begins as early as the end of the previous summer season. Other camps have specific dates throughout the fall and early winter.

Parents should go online or call the camp of their choice to inquire about the camp’s registration dates, deadlines and refund policies.  Many camps offer discounted registration for registering early, called “Early Bird” rates.

Speak with your camp about their registration schedule, and the best way to register!

Additional Notes on Registration

  • OCA Camps are required to have a current, completed health form for each camper.
  • It is important for camps to know about any health or behavioural issues to help make their stay a happier, safer experience. Your information will be protected under Canada’s Privacy Laws.


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