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FunFangle is a suite of software solutions to help simplify operations for camps, after school programs and youth organizations.  A simple upload of your registration information creates a unique account connected to a waterproof wristband for each camper.  At check-ins, the infirmary or even at the camp store, a quick scan of the wristband shows the staff a photo to confirm the camper’s identity. Then, the camper is marked present, can be given meds or make purchases depending on where they are on camp.

Eliminate clipboards and those pesky radios that never seem to work by using our paperless attendance system.  Simplify your daily meds distribution with our med schedule and give your medical team access to campers’ records no matter where they are on camp with our electronic record system.  Upload your scheduled activities, so staff know which campers are scheduled where and when, and know immediately if a camper is in the wrong place. Lastly, FunFangle is a fast and reliable store credit system. Our wristbands track camper spending money and relieve staff of bookkeeping and lost money drama. Now, campers gain convenient and secure access to that extra fun without having to keep track of their cash!

You can communicate to parents through the Admin Portal, and parents can see check-ins and spending, make additional deposits, and even make purchases from home in their Parent Portal.  For additional information on pricing, package options, extra features, and OCA member discount, please visit our website at


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