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Challenges Canada

Challenges Canada (CCI) excels in delivering Skill-Based Certifications, Leadership & Facilitation Training, Risk Management Consultation, Capacity Building Wilderness Trips, and Customized Experiential Education Programs. Whether you are looking to create a new program or want to enhance an existing one, our staff are ready to help provide the highest quality service in the industry. 

CCI’s philosophy centers on the belief that true self-discovery and empowerment occurs when the mind, body, and spirit confront and overcome obstacles. Our intentional approach to program design ensures participants walk away from their experience with a heightened level competence, confidence, and connection to people and the world around them.

CCI’s Expertise:

Skill-Based Certification
CCI offers skill-based certification delivery, enabling campers to acquire practical and transferable skills. Our certification courses, accredited by ORCKA and OCC, ensure a valuable and recognized achievement during campers experience.

Leadership & Facilitation Training
Empowering camp staff is at the core of our leadership programs. We equip them with invaluable skills and strategies, enhancing their ability to lead and inspire campers, fostering a positive and impactful camp environment.

Risk Management Consultation
Ensuring camper safety is our top priority. CCI provides expert risk management consultation and training to help ensure all campers have safe and memorable experience.

Wilderness Trips
Embark on unforgettable wilderness adventures with our expertly organized wilderness trips. These experiences provide campers with unique opportunities to connect with nature, develop resilience, and create lasting memories.

Customized Experiential Programs
Tailored specifically for camp settings, our programs are meticulously designed to elevate camper experiences through engaging and skill-building activities, fostering personal growth and enjoyment.

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