Provisional One Application for Camps and Outdoor Education Centres


We welcome you to become an OCA Provisional One Camp or Outdoor Education Centre (OEC) Member, working towards accreditation, and benefit from all that our Association has to offer!

The minimum criteria to join the OCA as a Provisional One Applicant are as follows:

  • Camp/OEC has operated for a minimum of one fiscal year
  • Camp/OEC has operated for a minimum of 100 in-person participant days (# of participants x # of days = 100)

The application is an interactive form and needs to be downloaded and completed in your PDF reader. If filled out in your Internet browser, your answers will not save. Completed electronic applications should be emailed to Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2022.

Inquiry Package
  1. Provisional One Application 2021-22
  2. Reference Form #1 – OCA or other Provincially Accredited Camp or Outdoor Education Centre
  3. Reference Form #2 – Bank Manager or Chartered Accountant
  4. Reference Form #3 – Landlord or Supplier
  5. Reference Form #4 – Solicitor or Affiliated Religious Professional
  6. Reference Form #5 – Camper Parent
  7. Reference Form #6 – Current or Former Staff Member
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