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ESS Universal – Heavy Duty Bunk Beds

The task of outfitting your Camp or Conference Center requires careful consideration. So, consider this – our steel bunk beds are seam-welded and fully sealed to keep those pesky pests out for good, creating the most bed bug proof bunks in the industry. At ESS Universal, we think everyone deserves a bed that’s durable and comfortable because strength comes from a good night’s rest. ESS is your complete source for Heavy Duty Adult Metal Bunk Beds, rated at 500 pounds per platform, Waterproof High-Density Mattresses, polyurethane-satin-feel, and accessories, including our under bed storage locker. We offer a variety of styles to specifically meet your needs. Gorilla Strong. Bed Bug Smart. Contact: Dick Bouman at (616) 229-0597 or email

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