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AmeriCamp Canada

At AmeriCamp Canada we specialise in the recruitment of highly skilled and well-rounded staff from the UK and around the world to work at summer camps across Canada. Due to the desirability of our AmeriCamp Canada applicants and the relationship that we have with AmeriCamp, we can almost always skill-match your staff to your exact requirements – all through our bespoke-built placement system.

All of our staff are vetted with an interview, references, medical and criminal background checks. We also ensure that all staff obtain a work permit and a Canadian bank account/SIN so that they’re all prepared to work at your camp!

You can get your camp hiring profile set up on our placement system with no upfront cost to start reviewing potential staff members right away!

If you’re interested in hiring international staff with AmeriCamp Canada this summer, drop us an email to to get started!


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