COVID-19 FAQ’s for Parents and Guardians

Questions to ask your camp about COVID-19 

Contact your camp to discuss their policies and procedures – here are a few questions you might want to ask!

  • What is your camp doing to ensure a clean and safe environment for my camper?
  • What is your screening procedure
  • How does cohorting work?
  • Can my camper  in the same cohort as their friends/siblings?
  • What happens if someone in the cohort develops symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Is my camper expected to wear a mask while at camp? Who will provide the mask if required?
  • How will meals and snacks be organized at camp to ensure safety?
  • If a member of our family comes into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, can my camper still attend camp?
  • Can I visit my camper at camp?

Camp Decisions (e.g., Refunds, Closures) and the OCA’s Role

The OCA has the responsibility to provide our camps with our Standards, resources, guidance, and advocacy. The OCA, however, has no mandate or responsibility to advise or instruct camps to operate or to close.

All decisions regarding operations (including refunds and credits) and/or closures are properly made by the camps’ governance, in accordance with the organization’s mission, principles and practices; by factual science and information; and, under the direction of all relevant government bodies and Public Health. For all questions related to refunds, credits, cancellation, etc., contact the camp directly.

Alternative Programming

The Ontario Camps Association does not accredit backyard camps or rent-a-counsellor programs. To read OCA’s statement on these programs, please click here.

Day Camps in 2020

Day Camps operating in the summer of 2020 adhered to OCA’s 2020 Standards for health and safety, OCA’s COVID-19 Summer 2020 Standards and also the Ministry of Health: COVID-19 Guidance: Summer Day Camps. On May 19, 2020 the Government of Ontario announced that overnight camps in Ontario would be ordered closed throughout the summer. To see a list of OCA accredited day camp programs that operated in summer 2020, please click here.

OCA Accreditation Disclaimer

The regular OCA Approved accreditation is a process that includes visits every four years to ensure that OCA Approved camps and outdoor education centres are adhering to our 600+ Standards for safe and healthy camps. Due to COVID-19, no visits took place in 2020.

Click here to read full disclaimer.


OCA’s Standards

Our more than 600 Standards are based on research, regulation, and best practices. The OCA Standards are designed to ensure that OCA Accredited Camps and Outdoor Education Centres deliver a program and experience that is safe, fun, and of a high quality. They cover all aspects of camp and outdoor education safety including facility, health care, food service, program, transportation, as well as management and staff hiring and training.