Call for Speakers

OCA is looking for passionate speakers to speak at our 2023 Professional Development events.

We’re looking for speakers to present on many aspects of camp: 

  • TRENDING TOPICS (responsive to regulatory, new societal concerns, emerging issues)
  • THE CAMPER (mental health, special needs, health concerns, healthy child development)
  • SUPPORT (Admin Thursday, Property Friday)   
  • CAMP DIRECTOR ABCs (staff, program, marketing, OCA Standards 101, own leadership style)
  • THE BUSINESS OF CAMP (HR management, finances policies, key indicators)
  • PROGRAM (camp programs, activities, Innovations, active presentations)
  • OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTRES & PROVIDERS (current issues and challenges)
  • STAFF ENGAGEMENT (recruitment, recognition, training/PreCamp)
  • EQUITY & DIVERSITY (diversity in program, marketing to new communities)
  • INDUSTRY SUSTAINABILITY (case study, non-profits – strategies, grant writing, funding)
  • MENTAL HEALTH (for campers, staff, camp professionals) 

Complete our Call for Speakers form below, or click here.