OCA Connects 2024: Program & Professional Development

Our two-day conference will take place from February 14-15 at our new venue, BMO IFL, and we hope you can join us!

With over 40 Professional Workshops, Campfire Chats, bite-sized Mini Sessions and a very special Keynote, there is something for everyone!

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Our stream focuses this year are:

Workshops & Speakers

We are excited to share that we have 40 professional development workshops in store for delegates this year! Make sure to check here and on social media for all our speaker announcements.

  • KEYNOTE Tradition & Change: Valuing the Future of Camping presented by Chris Hudson
  • Illuminating the Hidden Curriculum presented by Jack Schott and & EmJ Juszczyk from The Summer Camp Society
  • Navigating Your Camp Career: Dream Big & Strategize Smart presented by Jack Schott and & EmJ Juszczyk from The Summer Camp Society
  • Project Management 101 presented by Jack Schott and & EmJ Juszczyk from The Summer Camp Society
  • Kid-Driven Play: Building a Program of Choice presented by Jack Schott and & EmJ Juszczyk from The Summer Camp Society
  • Camp Healthcare Providers & Employers: A Crucial Partnership presented by Thomas Appleyard
  • Hazards Exist! Where Do I Start? presented by Monica Pellegrini
  • Introduction to Gender-Inclusive Housing presented by Chris Rehs-Dupin
  • Ask the Expert – All Things LGBTQIA+ presented by Chris Rehs-Dupin
  • Countering Accommodated Anxiety presented by Colleen McLean
  • Good for Us, Bad for our Families? AI’s Impact on Summer Camp presented by Travis Allison
  • Drowning Prevention Tips, Stats and Facts presented by Eric “Shendy” Shendelman
  • I’ll Sing a Song, You Sing a Song, We’ll All Sing a Song Together! presented by Mike Pearse
  • Staff Culture – It Takes an I.C.U. presented by Beth Allison
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback presented by Chris Hudson
  • Rubber, Meet Road: Getting Real About DEI presented by Chris Hudson
  • Preservation & Maintenance of Sewage Infrastructure at Camp presented by Rob Davis
  • Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusion in Your Camp Programs presented by Tracy Morley
  • Teaching Your Staff to Become Beacons of Regulation presented by Jessica Faith
  • Online Movements and Their Influence on Camp Communities presented by Luc Cousineau
  • Mental Health at Camp: Practical Skills To Go From Dysregulation to Participation presented by Kevin Amirault
  • There is No ‘Off-Season’: Improving The Staff Experience from Application to Arrival presented by Shoshi Rothschild 
  • Infrastructure Projects – Lessons Learned & Unsolicited Advice to Move Your Camp Forward presented by Joe Richards
  • Empowering Camp Communities: Proactive Strategies and Responsive Measures for Mental Health Emergencies presented by Erin Sunstrum
  • Challenge Course Management for New Directors presented by Miles Villneff from Challenges Unlimited Inc.
  • Mental Health Toolkit for Staff presented by Kathleen Hilchey
  • Privacy Breaches and How to Respond to Them presented by Robin Squires
  • Canoe Tripping in the Face of Climate Change: The Impact of the 2023 Forest Fires presented by Mercede Rogers
  • Fostering a Camp Culture of Safety: Understanding and Responding to Youth-to-Youth Sexual Abuse and Harassment presented by Marilyn Himbury
  • A Framework of Authentic Partnership – Girl Guides of Canada’s Journey Towards Truth and Reconciliation presented by Helen Matteer
  • Mindful Meditation and West African Drumming presented by Glenn Marais
  • Intersectionality & Belonging At Camp presented by Sydney Gilchrist from CANVAS Programs
  • Opening in Ceremony presented by Kelly Brownbill
  • How To Use Land Acknowledgements With All Age Groups presented by Kelly Brownbill
  • Community Building Activities That Work presented by Brian Lission
  • What’s Data Got To Do With It?… Everything! presented by Lee Biear
  • Creating Proactive and Reactive Responses to Hate at Camp in 2024 presented by Michael B. Waxman
  • Recruitment and Retention: Best Practices for Domestic and International Staff presented by Taylor Jacobson & Cindy Benedek from Camp Canada
  • The Grey Areas of Supporting Your Staff: Managing Situations With Staff That Are Unclear presented by Michael B. Waxman and David Ehrlich

*Please note, speakers and sessions are subject to change. We apologize for any inconvenience.