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Wellness Team

Wellness Team
The Wellness team cares for the mental and physical health of the Pine Crest community. Daily
responsibilities such as health and wellness checks, first aid assessments, medication
administration, and stocking first aid kits are important components to keeping our staff and
campers well. This team also works with the Out-Tripping Directors to support health concerns
from our out trips, contributing to decision making in regard to treatment in the field. Wellness
staff must be willing to listen, problem solve, and work as a team to promote wellness and
health at Pine Crest. They will provide leadership and role modelling to all camp staff regarding
sun safety, healthy eating, adequate sleep and regular exercise among others. The Wellness
staff are directly supervised by the Wellness Director.
Position Dates Minimum Requirements Preferred
June 16th

September 3rd
RN student (3rd year or more),
Wilderness First Responder (or
equivalent experience), valid G
driver’s license and minimum
of 21 years for insurance

Staff (2)
June 26th -September 3rd
Standard First Aid & CPR C,
Organized and shows selfinitiative, G driver’s license
and minimum 21 years of age
for insurance purposes

WAFA or WFR prefered 


Health Care

May 9, 2021

YMCA Camp Pine Crest