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Waterfront Coordinator / Head Lifeguard – Fraser Lake Camp

Waterfront Coordinator/Head Lifeguard

As the Waterfront Coordinator, you will be part of the Camp Staff and in charge of ensuring the overall safety and supervision of the waterfront. You must obtain valid National Lifesaving Society, Standard First Aid, and Pleasure Craft certifications. You are in charge of supervising the lifeguards that are on duty and helping by being part of the lifeguard rotations. You must be present at all swim times and water related activities – unless you are on your hour off – to make sure the rules and regulations of the waterfront are being properly enforced. You are also required to organize and lead training for all of the lifeguards during staff training, and periodically throughout the camp season that complies with the LSS standards. As part of the Camp Staff, you must also respect and follow the rules and policies of Fraser Lake Camp. Some of the weekly tasks that you will perform are:

  • Carry out facility opening and closing procedures by completion of the appropriate form and ensure that the document is stored in the Programs Office at the end of each day
  • Maintain the equipment through checking its quality and safety at the waterfront and inform the camp director if any of it needs to be replaced, or the Head of Maintenance if it needs to be fixed
  • Conduct one staff swim test at the beginning of the summer and conduct weekly swimming tests for the new campers and maintain a record of the swimming abilities
  • Ensure that all records and reports are completed correctly and kept in a safe and dry spot during the day, and returned to the Program Office at the end of each day
  • Ensure that the First Aid kit is properly stocked at all times and returned to the Programs Office at the end of each day 
  • Make sure that there is a Walkie Talkie present at the waterfront whenever it is open with a full battery and that it is returned to the Programs Office at the end of the day and plugged in to charge
  • Be aware of the weather conditions and determine the appropriate action in regards to having the waterfront, including canoeing and kayaking, open or closed
  • Ensure that Morning Dip is announced the night before, and orchestrate the camp wide activity on the morning of through ringing the bell and maintaining a record for the Program Director(s) of cabins that participated for Cabin Fairy points
  • Organize a schedule of lifeguards to provide a short swim time for campers who remain at camp during change-overs
  • Other duties as assigned 

About Fraser Lake Camp

A long, long time ago – way back in 1955 – Fraser Lake Camp was started with a mission to provide a life-changing camp community, full of growth-focused outdoor experiences! Since then, we have shared our traditional overnight camp programs with thousands of children.

Fraser Lake Camp was established by the Mennonite community, which means that we actively teach values like working together, social justice, caring for the environment, and non-violent problem solving. However, we recognize that our staff and campers come from a variety of faith traditions, including no faith background. Fraser Lake Camp is committed to welcoming diversity and embracing our differences so that everyone feels like they can belong regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

We want everyone to leave camp feeling like Fraser Lake Camp is home. This is why we place such a big emphasis on making sure our staff and campers feel welcome and accepted.


Waterfront / Swim Specialist

February 28, 2023


(613) 281-5840