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Volunteer Heath Staff

Health Staff – (seasonal, weekly, July & August) volunteer.
To provide on-site health care to campers and staff. Proof of certification required. Position can be for entire summer or by the week. Will ideally have DR, RN, RPN, EMT or other suitable qualifications. A minimum of Standard First aid and CPR are a must.

Some but not all responsibilities are (detailed list can be found at the bottom of the “JOBS” page on the website):

  • Administer medication for individual campers and staff at appropriate times.
  • As injury/illness arises, administer the appropriate first aid or medication, as well communicate with guardians if need be.
  • Fill in appropriate forms when medication/ injury/ illness occurs.

Position is filled by the week and is on a first come first serve basis. You are allowed to bring two campers during your time you are volunteering and they can either stay in the Nurse’s cabin with you OR be in a cabin with the other campers as long as they are age appropriate.

If you are interested or have and questions, please email


Health Care

April 22, 2022

Rideau Hill Camp

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