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Volunteer Chaplain

Camp Chaplain – (seasonal, weekly, July & August) volunteer.
To lend Christian support and guidance to children’s residential summer camp. Teaching, leadership, camping experience, team management skills. You are responsible for leading 3 activities through out the day.

  1. Morning Watch (5-10minutes): Can be a prayer or thought of the day or story to start the morning before breakfast.
  2. Discovery (45minutes to 1 hour): Usually goes along with the theme of the week. You can introduce ideas/morals/stories and usually includes some sort of hands on avidity or craft/ skits/ team builders/ anything to get the campers minds thinking and moving. Songs are greatly encouraged.
  3. Vespers (30 minutes): Usually after dinner. We take this time to wind down and reflect on the day. Skits or crafts or ideas can be shared at this time. Songs are also greatly encouraged here too!

Position is filled by the week and is on a first come first serve basis. You are allowed to bring two campers during your time you are volunteering and they can either stay in the Chaplain’s cabin with you OR be in a cabin with the other campers as long as they are age appropriate.

If you are interested or have and questions, please email



April 22, 2022

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