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Summer Mental Health Professional

Camp Gesher

Job Posting: Camp Gesher Seasonal Camper Care and Staff Mental Health Professional

Camp Gesher – a co-ed children’s Jewish overnight summer camp located in eastern Ontario not far from Bon Echo Park. (1 hour from Belleville) – is seeking a Camper Care Coordinator for the summer of 2022.

The Camp offers an outdoor residential camping experience to children between the ages of 7 – 16 years. The Camp community consists of about 30 young adult staff and about 120 campers per session during its summer season.  We are located on Lake Pringle just outside Cloyne, Ontario. A living space, meals are provided. In addition to enjoying the unspoiled lakefront setting, the camp facilities are available for use.

Our Mission:

Camp Gesher has been empowering youth for more than 63 years. Our program reflects the values and spirit of youth leadership and empowerment; focusing on social and environmental justice, inclusion, equality, and building an informed and empathetic community. At Gesher each camper is encouraged to take responsibility for the well being of the community and the world around them.


Camp Gesher is a place where people are welcomed, valued and respected.  We are inclusive of all families including interfaith families, all gender identities, sexual orientations, political opinions, and Jewish expressions.  We provide an opportunity for our campers and staff to live by our values, and practice them each day. 


Please note: We are not a special needs camp and do have limitations on accepting campers and staff with complex needs and specifically mobility requirements.


Our youth led community develops both tangible and intangible skills, for both our campers and our staff.  We foster self confidence through trying new activities, gain resiliency by enduring setbacks in a supportive environment, develop life-long friendships, grow independence, build social skills and understanding of group dynamics, learn leadership skills, unplugging from technology and connecting with nature. 


Dates of Employment: Pre-season occasional work in May/June 2022

Full time in residence at Camp Gesher June 29, 2022-August 23, 2022 

Location: Cloyne, ON (living on site is required).

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Background in social work or other mental health professional 
  • Mental health first aid
  • Keen understanding of child and young adult behaviour
  • Comprehensive knowledge of child development
  • Experience supporting children, youth and their parents
  • Knowledge of child protection laws and experience making decisions about child safety and well-being
  • Relevant counseling and de-escalation experience.
  • Independent initiative, excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills, experience working with young adults (18-22 year olds), flexibility.

Compensation: $1000 per week in the summer, preseason occasional work TBD.

Benefits: Room and board at our camp in the summer. Tuition for camp age children. Opportunities to enjoy summer camp life including our lakefront, arts and crafts, games, sports, etc.

To apply: Please email Shoshana Lipschultz, with a resume and cover letter.  Applications will close on January 1, 2022.  Any additional questions can also be addressed through Shoshana.

Camper Care Coordinator Responsibilities 

  • Ensure and promote the health and wellness of all campers and staff and incorporate skills and strategies to alleviate anxiety and contribute to a positive camp environment.
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures; as well as educating and tracking and intervening when necessary on issues related to hygiene, diet, sleep, and exercise/physical activity as the foundation for good health at camp 
  • Stay abreast of  the social health of campers and staff related to inclusion/exclusion, bullying, and creating a safe community.
  • Provide emotional support and guidance to individual campers and staff members with active mental health concerns, and/or observe, assess and recommend interventions for concerns related to individual camper behaviours and group dynamics.
  • Provide assessment and direct intervention in cases of mental health and/or behavioural crises in collaboration with Director, Assistant Director, and Youth Leadership (Mazkirut)
  • Work with the Youth Camper Care Coordinator (Melavol) to design modifications to programs and activities to be inclusive of all campers – including campers with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning Issues, social cues difficulties, behavioral challenges, anxiety, depression, homesickness, emotional reactivity, eating disorders, and medical issues.
  • Work collaboratively with the Nursing/Medical and Professional staff as needed to best support campers and staff.
  • Provide ongoing training and support to counselors and senior staff as they implement interventions and program modifications.
  •  Train and empower staff to confidently deal with childcare issues and conflicts.
  • Create programming to help staff gain skills and confidence in childcare, to recognize when systemic changes are necessary, and when to report and collaborate with professional staff. 
  • Work with the Counselor-in-Training staff to provide direct programming to counselors-in-training on camper care.
  • Maintain required documentation for camper meetings, team meetings and parent calls.
  • Respond to parent concerns related to campers with mental health and/or behavioral issues.
  • Lead in conjunction with the Melavol, pre-camp training on camp policies including child abuse and neglect.
  • Provide training on mental health support (mental health first aid), behavioural intervention, conflict resolution and documentation to camp staff, as needed, and to youth leaders and counsellors in training, as appropriate.
  • Be an integrated member of the Gesher team, as appropriate.


Health Care

December 14, 2021

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