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Summer Camp Director (June to August)



Red Pine Camp is recruiting for a Summer Camp Director to oversee the operations of the camp during the summer season. Reporting to the Executive Director (ECD), the Camp Director manages a team of 13 Senior Staff, who, in turn, manage 55 Junior Staff. The Director, in partnership with an Assistant, works closely with Red Pine’s year-round employees including our ECD, Business Manager, and Property Manager. 

Founded in 1925, Red Pine Camp has a rich history of providing a wonderful family camping experience. Red Pine operates each summer season from Canada Day through Labour Day. 

This is a demanding role requiring maturity, leadership, enthusiasm, adaptability, and a willingness to both learn about and appreciate the long-standing traditions that underpin the camper experience at Red Pine. 

About the Role 

A tremendously loyal and vibrant camper community is a cornerstone of the success of Red Pine. Working in partnership, the Summer Camp Directors are the face of camp to the 2,300 campers that attend Red Pine each season. It is the role of the Camp Directors to be fully ‘present’ in the daily functioning of camp, and to live and showcase the Red Pine values. They must also set, and maintain, a consistent and positive tone for all staff, and create a work environment for camp staff wherein they can grow personally and gain valuable experience from working as part of a team. 

Training and Staff Management 

  • Work with the ECD to plan and execute pre-camp training for all staff 
  • Promote a “how may I help you?” customer service focus, a respectful and safe workplace, and an adherence to the camp’s operating procedures. 
  • Provide guidance to Senior Staff members on supervision, staff management, and problem-solving 
  • Monitor Senior Staff performance and provide timely and constructive feedback 
  • Conduct weekly all-staff meetings, regular Senior Staff meetings, and one-on-one check-ins with Sr. Staff 
  • Prepare and deliver comprehensive mid- and end of season Senior Staff performance reviews 
  • Review and approve mid- and end of season Junior Staff evaluations written by Senior Staff 
  • Ensure that Junior Staff cabins meet cleanliness standards and that appropriate hygienic conditions of the buildings and personal belongings are maintained. 
  • Ensure all staff adhere to the Code of Conduct as defined in their employment contract 
  • Consistently and transparently implement disciplinary measures as required, according to a plan that is developed before the start of the season in conjunction with the Executive Director 


  • Be the ‘face of Red Pine’ to campers – proactively engaging campers in formal and informal discussions and receiving and immediately addressing feedback provided by campers 
  • Encourage camper involvement in programs and activities. 
  • Promote, identify and recognize the contributions made by volunteers 
  • Work with Senior Staff to ensure optimal functioning of each department 
  • Work with the in-camp Business Manager, Property Manager, Camp Nurse and Head Chef to ensure that issues are identified, anticipated to the greatest degree possible, thoroughly documented and resolved 
  • Communicate regularly with Executive Camp Director and involve them in issues when appropriate and/or necessary
  • Conduct a comprehensive mid- and end of season operational review with the Executive Director and other persons as may be necessary 
  • Implement corrective measures as directed by the Executive Director 
  • Review, summarize and communicate to all staff the feedback provided on Camper Comment Sheets 
  • Implement corrective measures as necessary to resolve camper concerns 
  • Adhere to the Red Pine Camp Communication guidelines with regards to issues concerning Customer Service 
  • Maintain excellent relations with the camp’s neighbours. Ensure any issues that arise are addressed and communicated according to the Red Pine Camp Communications Guidelines 
  • Complete mandatory incident reports in the event of any serious accident, injury, or situation involving either campers or staff, and share these with the Business Manager immediately for WSIB submission and accurate record-keeping 
  • Ensure comprehensive training of all staff on safety and health procedures such as the Fire Emergency Plan, the Waterfront Lost Person Drill and ensure that staff and campers are aware of these procedures. 
  • Attend meetings with the Executive Director, and other persons as required, before, during, and after the season to review issues, ongoing operations and other matters 

About You 

A successful candidate for this challenging role brings a proven record of experience working with young people aged 16 to 22. The successful candidate will have clear experience implementing progressive, supportive management techniques and will have a solid understanding of the key areas of customer service. In your cover letter and in your resume please include the following: 

  • Describe your experiences working with young people aged 16 to mid-20s.
  • Describe both the training you have and your practical experience, in working with the complex issues that young people can encounter 
  • Describe in detail your training and experience in both developing supportive work and team environments, as well as your experience and training with both issue and conflict management.
  • Describe in detail your experience with customer service environments and the messages that are important to communicate in order for a business in this area to function effectively. 
  • Communicate your experience in managing a summer camp or similar environments 
  • Describe your organizational strengths, and where and how you have applied them 
  • Detail the ‘teaching’/coaching or mentoring experiences you have 
  • Confirm that you are available to be present in camp for the entire season which is near the middle of June through the end of Monday on the Labour Day weekend 
  • Provide no less than three (3) professional references. Please do not provide character references. 

General Information 

In the weeks and months leading up to the start of the camping season, the Summer Camp Directors will work with the ECD, to prepare for staff training and camp. The exact timing of this is to be determined. 

The Directors liaise with members of the Advisory Committee, which is staffed by volunteer members of the Red Pine community, prior to camp about the operational vision and specific requirements of each department. 

Before the start of the camping season, the Camp Directors will work together to ensure they each have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. 

Camp Directors are on duty for 5.5 days each week. Days off are carefully scheduled so that days off do not overlap with the Business Manager.

Camp Directors are welcome to bring their family to camp for all or some of the season. Beyond normal programming that every child may participate in, it is important to note that there is no capability to offer childcare of any kind and RPC staff may not perform this function. 

Camp Directors are each provided a cabin that has two rooms and living space. There are neither bathrooms in the cabin nor heating/air conditioning. Bathrooms and showers are shared facilities and are only a short distance from the coordinator cabins. 

The contract period is from the start of Senior Staff training (typically the second week of June) through to Labour Day Monday. Each year, camp is closed for five days immediately before the Friday of the Labour Day weekend. The contract will exclude these days. 

Application Process 

While Red Pine Camp is looking for applicants for the summer of 2022, we are hopeful that each Summer Camp Director hired is able to return to this role for at least two years to help grow and develop our staff. 

Applications are being received until Sunday, November 27th. Red Pine Camp would welcome your cover letter of introduction and detailed resume via email to our Executive Camp Director at or via regular mail to our Ottawa address at 1132-2720 Queensview Drive, Ottawa ON, K2B 1A5. 



February 5, 2022

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