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Senior Staff – Department Managers at a Family Camp

Red Pine hires 13 Senior Staff aged 19 or over who possess; a strong personality, character, stability and warmth to help oversee operations, model Red Pine values and act as supervisors, mentors and role models to a our junior staff of 55 teenagers, aged 16 and 17.

Senior Staff, along with the Camp Directors (Coordinators), form the Leadership Team for Red Pine Camp, a family camp that has operated for almost 100 years.  Senior Staff report directly to the Camp Directors, overseeing the delivery of camp programs and their departmental operations (see below for the department list).


  1. Embrace, uphold and promote Red Pine Camp’s Mission, Vision and Values
  2. Work collaboratively with the other members of the Senior Staff team 
  3. Show dedication to quality, teamwork, and customer service
  4. Show respect for staff, campers, and the environment
  5. Adhere to the Senior Staff guidelines and personal code of conduct 
  6. Act as a role model for the Junior Staff and campers
  7. Be familiar with camp policies and endorse them to staff and campers
  8. Participate in camp life

Key Responsibilities

  1. Be a role model for all staff and campers; embracing, upholding, and promoting RPC Mission, Vision and Values and adhering to the Code of Conduct.  
  2. Liaise with the ECD, Camp Coordinators and designated committee member prior to camp season to become familiar with the senior role and prepare the department for camp opening.
  3. Participate in pre-camp activities including planning staff training, updating department programs & processes, setting up equipment & facilities, and other department duties 
  4. During camp, work with Coordinators to train, supervise, schedule, and evaluate the Junior Staff
  5. Manage your department and department staff with support from the Camp Coordinators.
  6. Train, supervise and evaluate the junior staff and leaders-in-training 
  7. Provide support and assistance in other departments when needed
  8. Promote and uphold ALL Junior Staff rules of conduct 
  9. Participate in scheduled Senior Staff duties (evening camp “Lock-Up”, bunk checks etc.)
  10. Practice Pride of Place always – Ensure your department, cabin and ALL camp facilities are kept clean and in good working order.
  11. Prepare an end of season report 
  12. Perform any other operational duties as assigned by the Camp Coordinators.

The following Senior Staff positions are available for application.  Details can be found on our website or by clicking on the links below:

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February 5, 2022

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