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Senior Cabin Counsellor

Camp Timberlane

Camp Timberlane is a co-ed traditional summer residential camp located in Haliburton Ontario, Canada – approximately 2.5 hours north of Toronto. We encourage you to check out our website ( to learn more about our Camp and everything we have to offer. We have about 500 campers and 200 staff at any one time, with around 75 staff joining us from all over the world. Our staff training runs from June 26 to July 1 when the campers arrive. The final day of employment is August 20, 2021, which is also the last day of Camp.

We are looking for mature, fun and dynamic cabin counsellors to help lead our cabins and travel to all of the activity periods with the campers. The role of a counselor at Timberlane is personality driven. The Timberlane staff that succeed and get invited back year after the year are the people who put their campers first, while maintaining a safe and fun environment. Cabin Counsellors participate in the full range of programs with the campers as well as all special programs and events. Counsellors at Timberlane lodge in recently renovated camper cabins with bathroom facilities and an adjacent room for staff. There are typically 3-6 staff per cabin; 2 or 3 cabin counsellors and 1 to 3 specialty counsellors based on the size of the cabin.

Staff have six 24 hour periods off (one per week, not including the final week of Camp) and access to free Wi-Fi in the Staff Lounge.

There is much more we can tell you about Timberlane. Please contact Harley Hayman ( for more information or apply online.

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March 22, 2021

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