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Outdoor Skills Coordinator

Outdoor Skills Coordinator

The staff for this program will work in pairs, and complete evaluations including report cards for the participants. Would be great for people in the education a field who are looking to work with high school students.

Full job descriptions and the benefits of working at Camp Big Canoe can be found on our website.

Responsible to the Head Program 

Job Duties

  • Offering high quality, challenging, creative, and safe programs for campers between 14-17, providing choice, options and ongoing evaluation
  • Outdoor Skills: you will prepare participants for an epic 8 day canoe trip!
  • These are high school credits, so you will be completing report cards for each participant

Why work at camp? What are the benefits?

  • Real world teaching experience in the great outdoors
  • You are welcome to discover/ indulge your creativity and passion for the environment, justice, education and phenomenal programming.
  • You will save most of what you earn as there is no pressure to go out to the movies or dinner with friends! We do that on site!
  • We have a full time camp Nurse on site at our Wellness Center who can help you navigate any medical issues that may come up.
  •  We allow staff a flexible schedule. If you are only able to work part of the summer or need a day off for a family/ school event, we are able to accommodate those needs.
  • Room & board are included as part of your salary
  • Employers are looking for soft skills which we use daily in camp life, like adapting quickly in a changing environment. We teach these and help you develop new strengths!



June 16, 2023

Camp Big Canoe

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