Job Posting

LIT and Outdoor Skills Coordinators

Leader in Training and Outdoor Skills Coordinators

The staff for these 2 programs will work in pairs, and complete evaluations including report cards for the participants. Would be great for people in the education a field who are looking to work with high school students.

Full job descriptions and the benefits of working at Camp Big Canoe can be found on our website.

Responsible to the Head Program 

Job Duties

  • To do what needs to be done
  • Offering high quality, challenging, creative, and safe programs for campers between 14-17, providing choice, options and ongoing evaluation
  • Setting program goals consistent with the overall goals  and objectives of camp big canoe
  • Preparing and planning a full program plan prior to pre-camp
  • Cares for and reports any concerns with the equipment in their area
  • Reports to the office any breakage, loss or need of repairs to equipment or buildings
  • Ensures that campers are never left unsupervised in program areas
  • Camper unit duties during non-program times 
  • Both unpacking at the beginning of the summer and packing program supplies at the end of the summer
  • Completing a detailed inventory of program supplies and equipment at the beginning and end of the summer
  • Participating in activities such as evening patrol, chapel service, song leading, special events, campfires etc.
  • Participating in evening programs, special days, other special programs and will be encouraged to take a leadership role in the planning and implementation
  • Adhering to and supporting all camp policies, procedures and guidelines as detailed in the staff manual
  • Submits a typed report at the end of summer, including
  • Suggestions for improvement of program and new equipment
  • Evaluation of program and suggestions for future
  • Other details of report writing to be discussed



April 16, 2023


(705) 645-4963