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Property/Maintenance Staff – Tawingo: “Pipe” up and apply. It’s “plumb” perfect!

At Camp Tawingo we have fun building GREAT kids!

How would you like to help us maintain and improve our site and facility so that we can continue to safely build great kids!

Camp Tawingo believes that if parents see a site and buildings that are clean, well-maintained, and fully functional they will think, “This place cares about its buildings and grounds…they must care about kids, too.” 

Tawingo is looking for someone to be part of our Property Maintenance Dept. to help care for and maintain its 270 acre site which includes 50 buildings, and a variety of vehicles and equipment. The successful candidate would benefit from having basic skills in many of the trades, a working knowledge of property maintenance, and the ability to prioritize jobs and address emergency issues – all for the sake of the children in our care. Our Site and Facility Staff need to be positive, upbeat, organized, and willing to roll up their sleeves.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary (start date, now; end date – October 31)

Salary: $18.00-$23.00 per hour

If interested, please send a resume to addressed to Mike Pearse.



June 23, 2023

Camp Tawingo

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