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Job Summary: Program Staff work with the Program Coordinator to make sure camp runs smoothly each day. They are in charge of making sure spaces are ready for fun and that equipment is where it needs to be. They put their creative skills to use by planning new games every week and are often seen in costumes or covered in craft supplies. Specific positions may include: Assistant Overnight Camp Coordinator, Assistant Day Camp Coordinator and Assistant Program Coordinator.

Terms: Full-time 9 weeks: July 1 to September 1, 2023. Salary Range: $5000 – $5760 (depending on grants).

Job Description:

  • Foster an effective and creative Christian community environment that supports personal growth, faith development, nature appreciation and collaboration.
  • Provide support, assistance, and set-up/clean-up with camp-wide events such as games, campfires, worship, educational sessions, and special events.
  • Provide support, assistance and set-up/clean-up with group activities such as crafts, swimming, hikes, games, skits, camp-outs, low ropes, adventure climbing, etc.
  • Provide expertise, coaching, guidance, or facilitation, as needed.
  • Assist camp counsellors by helping with camper needs, group needs and behaviour management situations.
  • Provide 1:1 camper care and support, as needed.
  • Assist the staff with adapting programs, as needed, to meet the needs of the campers.
  • Fill in for camp counsellors, as needed or assigned.
  • Identify and respond to the needs of staff and campers throughout the daily schedule.
  • Provide resources and assistance that help camp leaders execute their roles.
  • Carefully manage, maintain, and care for camp spaces and equipment.
  • Contribute to a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for all campers and staff.
  • Act as a positive role-model for staff, campers, volunteers, and others associated with the camping program.
  • Communicate effectively with all staff members.
  • Effectively communicate the needs and concerns of campers and staff to the senior staff team.
  • Help with the training and execution of emergency procedures.
  • Complete all required documentation in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Maintains good public relations with camper parents/guardians.
  • Receive and respond to feedback and questions from camp staff, volunteers and parents/guardians.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork, positivity, professionalism, and inclusivity.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all camp data and private information.
  • Set personal goals and engage in ongoing self reflection and growth.
  • Act as a role-model for personal self-care, including health and well-being.
  • Engage in ongoing skill development.
  • Attend and fully participate in all camp training sessions and events.
  • Work effectively with year-round and seasonal Cave Springs staff.
  • Model and uphold all community norms and expectations.
  • Support and follow all policies, procedures, and practices of Cave Springs Camp.
  • Perform other job related duties as assigned.



April 28, 2023

Cave Springs Camp

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