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Program/Activity Positions – Various


How would you like…

  • To be a Program Staff at Camp Tawingo – helping support one of our Program/Activity Areas?
  • To be part of the gift of Camp we get to give to Tawingo’s campers this summer, after the year they’ve had, after the year we’ve all had, after a summer away?
  • To help us deliver the COVID-safest possible Camp experience for each camper and staff member in our care?
  • To get in-“tents” and “fired” up at Campcraft (“knot” to worry if you don’t know what Campcraft is – we can “orient” you!)?!
  • To “bow” to the fun of sailing with campers without being “stern”…or…to shift out of “reverse and” get “ready” to teach lifesaving to campers?!
  • To get campers excited about such fun and creative things as “Fish in a Bag”; “Beaded Lizards”; and “Fuzzle Friends” with campers…proving there’s nothing “sketchy” about Crafts?!
  • To “note” that it isn’t any “treble” to B# and B-Natural while “singing” the praises of our campers in the Music Program?!
  • To “book it” to our Library, get a “read” on what our campers need, and help them “puzzle” through books, board and card games, and…well…puzzles?!
  • To have a “ball” at the Sportsfield, helping campers see the “point” of archery, and every other land sport imaginable (as you can see we are a “soccer” for puns!)?!
  • To have fun building great kids at Camp Tawingo!?!

Positions open for your consideration include:

  1. Campcraft – working to help campers gain skills in and an appreciation for outdoor living – such as knots, tents, fires and outdoor cooking, map and compass, and something we call “Woodsy Wisdom”; and help support our out-tripping program.
  2. Waterfront – helping teach a Sailing Program to campers…or…helping teach Bronze and Bronze Cross to senior campers.
  3. Nature Lore – working at our very own SWAMP Lodge (Stars, Weather, Animals, Minerals, Plants), to help campers learn about the natural world around us and engage in some special nature programs, as well (e.g., Animal Survival, Pros & Cons, Eco-Games, Magic Mud, Bog Walks, and more).
  4. Crafts – working at place we call Jorgi Junction to provide inspiration and facilitate a Crafts Program for campers – using some synthetic and some natural materials.
  5. Music – to play piano for sing songs and be prepared to select/write your own, have auditions for, rehearse, and supervise the performance of a Camp Musical.
  6. Library – to run the Library (a place for board games, card games, puzzles, and reading);  and Library tournaments (chess, checkers, Giant Jenga, Pictionary, Go Fish).
  7. Sports – to ensure the safe playing of sports of all kinds at our Sportsfield.

If you are a post-secondary school student and interested in any (all?) of these positions, please send your resume to

Please note that Standard First Aid with CPR-B or C is essential while having a Bronze Cross is an asset.  Wanting to have fun while building great kids is also essential!


Land Specialist

March 11, 2021

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