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“Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main…”

How would you like…

  • To be a Waterfront Staff at Camp Tawingo – to “bow” to the fun of sailing with campers without being “stern”?! Wouldn’t you “rudder” to that then work in the city? 🙂
  • To be part of the gift of Camp we get to give to Tawingo’s campers this summer, after the year they’ve had, after the year we’ve all had…after two summers away?
  • To have fun building great kids at Camp Tawingo!?!



If you are a post-secondary school student and interested in any (all?) of these positions, please send your resume to

Please note that Standard First Aid with CPR-B or C is essential while having a current NLS is an asset.  Wanting to have fun while building great kids is also essential!


Waterfront / Swim Specialist

July 29, 2022

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(705) 789-5612