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Program/Activity Positions – Various

How would you like…

  • To be a Program Staff at Camp Tawingo – helping support one of our Program/Activity Areas?
  • To be part of the gift of Camp we get to give to Tawingo’s campers this summer, after the year they’ve had, after the year we’ve all had, after two summers away?
  • To help us deliver the COVID-safest possible Camp experience for each camper and staff member in our care?
  • To “rock” it in our Nature Dept., helping campers “grow” – “weather” in appreciation or knowledge!
  • To get in-“tents” and “fired” up at Campcraft (“knot” to worry if you don’t know what Campcraft is – we can “orient” you!)?!
  • To “bow” to the fun of sailing with campers without being “stern”…or…to shift out of “reverse and” get “ready” to teach lifesaving to campers?!
  • To get campers excited about such fun and creative things as “Fish in a Bag”; “Beaded Lizards”; and “Fuzzle Friends”…proving there’s nothing “sketchy” about Crafts?!
  • To “note” that it isn’t any “treble” to B# and B-Natural while “singing” the praises of our campers in the Music Program?!
  • To “book it” to our Library, get a “read” on what our campers need, and help them “puzzle” through books, board and card games, and…well…puzzles?!
  • To have a “ball” at the Sportsfield, helping campers see the “point” of archery, and every other land sport imaginable (as you can see we are a “soccer” for puns!)?!
  • To have fun building great kids at Camp Tawingo!?!

Positions open for your consideration include:

  • Nature Lore – working to help campers gain knowledge and appreciation of our natural world, while engaging in many special nature programs, as well.

  • Campcraft – working to help campers gain skills in and an appreciation for outdoor living – such as knots, tents, fires and outdoor cooking, map and compass, and something we call “Woodsy Wisdom”; and help support our out-tripping program.
  • Waterfront – helping teach a Sailing Program to campers…or…helping teach Bronze and Bronze Cross to senior campers.


  • Crafts – working at place we call Jorgi Junction to provide inspiration and facilitate a Crafts Program for campers – using some synthetic and some natural materials.

  • Music – to play piano for sing songs and be prepared to select/write your own, have auditions for, rehearse, and supervise the performance of a Camp Musical.

  • Library – to run the Library (a place for board games, card games, puzzles, and reading);  and Library tournaments (chess, checkers, Giant Jenga, Pictionary, Go Fish).

  • Sports – to ensure the safe playing of sports of all kinds at our Sportsfield.

If you are a post-secondary school student and interested in any (all?) of these positions, please send your resume to

Please note that Standard First Aid with CPR-B or C is essential while having a Bronze Cross is an asset.  Wanting to have fun while building great kids is also essential!


Land Specialist

April 1, 2022


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