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Overnight Camp Counsellor (Disability Support)

Camp Counselor – 30 Positions  

June 15th – August 23rd, 2024 

Camp Misquah is a non-profit summer residential camp experience for adults and youth with developmental disabilities in the Ottawa region. We are a residential camp where campers and staff are on site 24/7 during their 5-day stay

The term of employment starts June 15th to August 25th, 2024. You must be available for camp closing as well as mandatory training which runs on June 15 -16  as well as July 3 – 7 on site and Aug 22-23.

Why work here?  

Camp Misquah hires individuals that are looking to learn skills  and gain experience related to their education or future careers, and those that  want to make a difference for people with disabilities.  

The skills learned on the job at Camp Misquah directly relate to nursing, social  work, physiotherapy, education, psychology, speech pathology, and many more areas of study.  

Our summer staff can earn a letter of volunteerism for up to 200 hours!  

What will I learn?  

o Self-confidence  

o Communication skills  

o Leadership  

o Interpersonal skills 

o Resilience 

o Personal care (bathing, toileting, feeding) 

o Behaviour management  

o Environment & activity adaptation  

o Your core values  

o What you are truly capable of 


How will I learn that?  

Each day you and a team will be responsible for assisting 6-8 individuals with  disabilities from morning wake-up to tucking in at night. You will play games, do  activities such as arts and crafts, swimming, canoeing, basketball, boating, dancing, singing, and anything else that your creativity can bring to the  camp experience!  

This may be the most challenging and rewarding job that you experience. Your heart will open to people that you have only just met, you will  create friendships with campers and staff that will extend years into the future, and  you will be forever changed. 



o Minimum of 16 years of age  

o Clear Criminal Clearance and Vulnerable Sector Check  

o Available June 15-16th, & July 3rd-7th 2024 to participate in mandatory summer staff  orientation some of which is on location at Camp Misquah  

o Available to work all dates as shown in “Summer Camp Employment  Schedule” (Exceptions must be discussed at time of interview, emergency  exemptions apply) 


  • Experience with people with disabilities  
  • Providing personal care, behaviour management, or leading  activities  
  • Sign language  
  • Current standard first-aid and Level C CPR (that will not expire during the  work term) 

Salary: $2500-3000 commensurate with experience for the term of employment

 o Accommodations are provided for the term of employment  o Meals will be provided during workdays


  • Abide by the Camp Philosophy that “Campers Come First”.
  • Work at being a strong cooperative team player in your cabin and with the  entire camp staff.  
  • Respect and support all members of your team.  
  • Keep the cabin clean and tidy and ensure that campers play an active role in cabin clean up
  • Help generate ENTHUSIASM and IDEAS for all camp activities and encourage all  members of staff to do the same.  
  • Aide and/or supervise the personal care tasks of each camper (feeding, dressing,  bathing, and toileting) in the  cabin while encouraging and insisting that the campers do all they can for themselves.  
  • Spend quality time with the campers at all working times.  
  • Share the responsibilities for advanced planning of activities, special events, and  evening programs.  
  • Take your turn on Dorm Duty and back up Night Duty (overnight assistance) 
  • Be responsible for leading and initiating camp activities throughout the day.  
  • Work with other staff members to complete administrative tasks on time. 
  • Take responsibility for the smooth operation of your cabin, including a daily  cabin meeting to communicate any information and/or issues.  
  • Understand each camper’s specific needs to ensure that each camper is  provided with the best possible physical and emotional care.  
  • Demonstrate patience, understanding, and care towards campers and staff and  to treat everyone with dignity and respect.  
  • Bring any unresolvable difficulties to the Head Counsellors.
  • Aide in behaviour management of campers when applicable.  
  • Evaluate your Head Counsellors with formal and informal feedback.  
  • Other duties as requested by the Head Counsellors/Program Director/Camp Director.  
  • Report to the Head Counsellor.  
  • Attend meetings called by the senior staff. 


For any questions, please contact

Thank you for your interest and we can’t wait to hear from you!  

Applications open: January 21, 2024 

Applications close: March 31, 2024 or once all positions are filled

Interviews will be held on a rolling basis as applications are received and we will work to fill all positions by or before April 21 2024.




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