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Overnight Cabin Counsellor

First things first – thank you for clicking on this post to read more!

Let’s begin with our “blurb” from the OCA Camp Guide so you can learn a little more about who we are and why we are!

Family owned and operated since 1961, Tawingo offers safe, summer fun in beautiful Muskoka. Youthful in spirit but mature in judgement, our staff are well-trained, highly motivated, and supremely caring. We take great pride in our 270-acre site of fields, forests, beaches, and streams; our creative programs; delicious food; and clean, fully-equipped cabins. Our goal is to instill in our campers an ability to live and play in harmony with one another and in the out-of-doors. We have fun building great kids!

Camp Tawingo is looking for 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 (you get the picture!)-year olds to:

  • Care and program for three cabin groups of campers over the course of the summer;
  • Live with, eat with, and be with their campers during their stay at Camp;
  • Teach an Outdoor Living Skill – either canoeing, swimming, campcraft, or nature lore – to campers (we can help!);
  • Be a part of a mutually respectful, mutually supportive team of young people pulling together – for the same purpose, the same mission…wanting to give the gift of Camp to campers (who need it this summer more than ever)!

Camp Tawingo believes in:

  • Putting campers first – always and in all ways;
  • Having fun while building great kids – using the Camp experience to teach transferable, 21st century life skills;
  • Staff not Stuff: it is the creativity of our staff and the connections they help forge to campers, between campers, and to the out-of-doors that is at the heart of the Tawingo experience and daily program. – rather than “stuff” (e.g., zip lines, paintball, climbing walls, wake-boarding).  Our staff are the key to unlocking the Camp experience for each camper!
  • Learning to appreciate and live in harmony with the out-of-doors and one another; and that such learning happens best in a setting that is an OASIS from home and/or city life (i.e., away from phones, computers, T.V., video games, etc).

Having Standard First Aid with CPR B or C is essential.  Having a Bronze Cross or higher is an asset.

If any – or all! – of this interests you…sounds like a good fit for you…then please send a resume to!

With our thanks,

The Tawingo Team



April 1, 2022


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