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Outdoor Pursuits (OP) Team 

The OP Team works together to run all aspects of our extensive out tripping program.  This operation includes planning permits and travel, managing and repairing equipment, and ensuring a quality out trip experience through program planning and on call support.  This department manages equipment purchasing as well as food ordering and food preparation.   OP team members must be experienced in and passionate about out tripping, with a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our program from menu planning to route development, stewardship and skill development.

OP Director  Wage: starting $500

The OP Director oversees the overall operation of the out-tripping department.  This individual is responsible for out-trip program quality and development, trip logistics, and the smooth operation of the OP department. Our OP department coordinates roughly 240 trips throughout the summer. The OP Director must be able to manage a large number of tasks at one time and be able to prioritize them appropriately. This staff member is expected to support the Assistant OP Directors in daily operations, as well as responding to trip emergencies. The OP Director must also feel confident in their ability to manage a budget. They will be in charge or managing all travel costs, food ordering and program supply purchasing.  They must possess the maturity and understanding to support staff in the field and coordinate evacuations if necessary. Along with the Assistant Directors, the OP Director must ensure that all Pine Crest expectations and procedures are being followed to meet our risk management expectations for extended trips as well as camper trips.

The OP Director will work closely with other departments such as the Section Head team, Wellness, the Office team and the Food Services Team.  They must cooperate in order to support campers in a tripping context, making sure their fundamental needs are met.  The OP Director will also work closely with others on the supervisory team to create driving schedules and food orders.  Finally, the OP Director and Assistant OP Directors will collaborate to plan and deliver training to all staff that will effectively prepare them for their roles related to wilderness tripping. The OP Director will also be responsible for supervising Senior Leadership programs, and supporting all other leadership programs.

Due to the depth and scope of this role, the OP Director is an extended contract to ensure that Camp Pine Crest’s high expectations of safety and program quality are being met.  The successful applicant for the OP Director position will have significant wilderness tripping experience, have demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication skills, and remain calm and competent in stressful situations.  This position is supported and supervised by the Summer Camp Directors.

Assistant OP Director 

The Assistant OP Director will work closely with both the OP Director and their fellow Assistant OP Director. They will need to work collaboratively to ensure the smooth daily operations of the OP building. They will coordinate drivers and vans, maintain the general cleanliness of OP kitchens and main areas, support and teach staff that are using the OP building and ensure a high level of programming for our campers while on trip. This role will include the supervision of both Camper and Leadership Programs at Camp Pine Crest. They will also supervise JLIT and LIT trainers. They will ensure the equipment needs of each group have been met through maintenance, inventory and repair and ensure that all trips leaving the Pine Crest main site are following all safety protocols and are properly prepared before departing. The Assistant OP Directors will also be on-call to respond to emergencies and will be asked to drive out trip as needed based on the demands of the program. The Assistant OP Director must have exceptional communication skills in order to work with the OP Director, Counselling Section Heads and the other Assistant OP Director. The Assistant OP Director will be directly supervised by the OP Director.


Trippers are being added to the team this year to help support our cabin groups. We are unsure what level of certification staff will be able to get this year so we are adding trippers to ensure that we have all the qualifications necessary for trips to run safely. You will be scheduled to go out on trips throughout our two-week sessions to support our counselling staff while on trip. You will act as an additional staff and will help with all parts of trip. You must have a valid Standard First Aid and CPR-C as well as your NLS certification and be 18 years old. You will be supervised and scheduled by the Assistant OP Directors.


Drivers are a crucial piece of the out-tripping program at YMCA Camp Pine Crest.  Drivers transport camper or leadership groups to various locations, driving fifteen-passenger vans with canoe trailers.  Drives vary in length, many are within two hours of camp, but routes also include multi-day drives as far as Manitoba or Quebec.  Drivers also work with the Facilities Manager to ensure proper vehicle maintenance. Drivers are supervised and supported by the OP Director.

Position Dates Minimum Requirements Preferred
OP Director (1) May 2nd – September 31st


Wilderness First Responder, NLS, Pleasure Craft Operator Card, F Class driver’s license and at least 21 years of age for insurance purposes, extensive knowledge of canoe tripping which includes White Water, Safe Food Handling certificate ORCKA Canoe Tripping Instructor, ORCKA Moving Water Instructor
Assistant OP Director (3) May 30th – September 3rd Wilderness First Responder, NLS, Pleasure Craft Operator Card, F Class driver’s license and a minimum of 21 years of age for insurance purposes, extensive knowledge of canoe tripping which includes White Water, Safe Food Handling certificate ORCKA Canoe Tripping Instructor, ORCKA Moving Water 2
Trippers (3) June 20th – September 3rd Standard First Aid, CPR-C, NLS, 18 years of age Wilderness Advanced First Aid, ORCKA Canoe Tripping Instructor
Drivers (4) June 25th – September 3rd Standard First Aid, CPR C, F Class Driver’s License and a minimum 21 years of age for insurance purposes, clear driver’s abstract NLS, Advanced Wilderness First Aid


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December 10, 2021

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