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OP Director

OP Director
The OP Director oversees the overall operation of the out tripping department. This individual is
responsible for out-trip program quality and development, trip logistics, and the smooth
operation of the OP department. Our OP department coordinates roughly 240 trips throughout
the summer. The OP Director must be able to manage a large number of tasks at one time and
be able to prioritize them appropriately. This staff member is expected to support the Assistant
OP Directors in daily operations, as well as responding to trip emergencies. The OP Director
must also feel confident in their ability to manage a budget. They will be in charge or managing
all travel costs, food ordering and program supply purchasing. They must possess the maturity
and understanding to support staff in the field and coordinate evacuations if necessary. Along
with the Assistant Directors, the OP Director must ensure that all Pine Crest expectations and
procedures are being followed to meet our risk management expectations for extended trips as
well as camper trips.
The OP Director will work closely with other departments such as the Section Head team,
Wellness, the Office team and the Food Services Team. They must cooperate in order to
support campers in a tripping context, making sure their fundamental needs are met. The OP
Director will also work closely with others on the supervisory team to create driving schedules
and food orders. Finally, the OP Director and Assistant OP Directors will collaborate to plan and
deliver training to all staff that will effectively prepare them for their roles related to wilderness
tripping. The OP Director will also be responsible for supervising Senior Leadership programs,
and supporting all other leadership programs.
Due to the depth and scope of this role, the OP Director is an extended contract to ensure that
Camp Pine Crest’s high expectations of safety and program quality are being met. The
successful applicant for the OP Director position will have significant wilderness tripping
experience, have demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication skills, and
remain calm and competent in stressful situations. This position is supported and supervised by
the Summer Camp Directors.



Wilderness First Responder,
NLS, Pleasure Craft Operator
Card, F Class driver’s license
and at least 21 years of age for
insurance purposes, extensive
knowledge of canoe tripping
which includes White Water,
Safe Food Handling certificate


ORCKA Canoe Tripping
Instructor, ORCKA
Moving Water Instructor



May 10, 2021

YMCA Camp Pine Crest