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Job Title: Nurse

Reports To: Head Nurse 

Under the supervision of the Head Nurse, the Nurse takes a lead role in our camper and staff’s health and safety.

General Responsibilities:

~ Ensure that campers and staff with medical needs are properly cared for.

~ Handle first aid and medical problems as they arise.

~ Ensure that safety and health regulations are strictly adhered to.

~ Assist with the general camp community as time permits.

Specific Responsibilities:

~ Assist in the organizing and setting up of the Health Centre.

~ Be on site for daily clinic hours as established by the Head Nurse.

~ Assess, interpret, and respond to injuries and complaints from campers and staff of varying degree including but not limited to concussions, broken bones, sprains and strains, gastrointestinal and respiratory ailments.

~ Diagnose medical issues and refer if necessary to the local Medical Centre / Hospital.

~ Assist in reviewing all medical forms before registration day in order to discuss current and potential medical needs with parents, on the instruction of the Head Nurse.

~ Assist in providing appropriate staff appropriate camp staff (e.g. Assistant Director, Kitchen, Basketball Coach, Coordinators, Activity Instructor) with special health needs information and directions.

~ Learn and follow all established policies and procedures for the Health Centre.

~ Administer medication to campers at meal times or as required.

~ Overnight monitoring of ill campers and staff as necessary

~ Participate in maintaining the log of campers and staff who receive medical attention in our camp management system.

~ Monitor Health Centre supplies and report to the Head Nurse when supplies need to be restocked.

~ Learn emergency action plans for all camp emergencies.

~ Be on call and prepared to assume a key role in crisis management/emergency response.

~ Organize and hand out all medications at camper check out.

~ Keep the Health Centre clean and orderly.

Required Qualifications:

Nurse applicants must be RN licensed in Ontario

Current CNO membership (liability insurance)

Current CPR and First Aid certification

Vulnerable Sector Background Check

Valid G drivers license.

Excellent working skills including: communication skills, organizational skills and attention to details.

Employment Period:

One week of Staff Training (June 26, 2021 – July 3, 2021) & 8 weeks of Camp (July 4, 2021 – August 28, 2021)

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Health Care

April 5, 2021

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