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Norquay Leadership Trainer

Positions Available: 2
Rate of Pay: $600-$675 per week

Norquay Trainers are responsible for the safety, planning, preparation, and delivery of
expedition and in-camp portions of the second year of John Island’s two-tiered
leadership program. Norquay Trainers must be mentally and physically capable of
leading extended out-trips while facilitating leadership opportunities for participants.
The Norquay program focuses on soft skill development, while continuing to develop
hard skills obtained during the first year of the leadership program (Greenway). The
Norquay program consists a four to five-week whitewater canoe expedition and three to
four-weeks spent at camp. During the whitewater canoe expedition, participants will
focus on personal development and peer-to-peer leadership, while continuing to work
on wilderness tripping and moving water paddling skills. During the in-camp portion,
participants will learn about the responsibilities/expectations of a counsellor, child
focused programing, achieve Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid Certifications and take
part in an in-cabin placement program. Norquay Trainers prepare and deliver any
required training sessions prior to the beginning of the program, deliver Norquay
curriculum at camp, coordinate the preparation of trip logistics and equipment
inventory, provide participant evaluations, and deliver Bronze Cross / Standard First Aid
and CPR C instruction. The last week of the summer will be spent as a Program
Specialist, facilitating programming for Family Camp at John Island.

Required Qualifications: National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid and CPR C, Criminal
Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search, Wilderness First Responder, Whitewater
Rescue Level I and II, ORCKA Canoe Tripping 3 and Moving Water 2 or logged equivalent
experience, minimum 4 years camping experience or equivalent, 50 days logged as a
camping trip leader (please submit a trip log with your application)

Preferred Qualifications: Lifesaving Society Instructors

Preferred Applicants: Strong leaderships skills, mature, flexible, team player, extensive
Out-tripping experience, excellent hard and soft skills, patient, participant focused


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