Job Posting

Nature Area Head

Reports to: Land Director

Pay Rate: starting at $350 per week (+$40 per week for NL) with additional compensation provided for relevant certifications and experience.

Contract Dates: June 23 – August 30, 2024

The Nature Area Head is responsible for executing all aspects of the Nature program. The Nature Area Head will provide the required expertise and experience to deliver an experiential nature program designed to foster a connection to the natural world. They will coach and supervise the Nature Area staff and ensure all risk management practices are being followed. As an Area Head, they will work in conjunction with the Area Head team to plan and deliver all RKY Camp programming, support counsellors as mentors, and interact directly with children.

Required: Standard First Aid with CPR-C, National Lifeguard.

Preferred: post-secondary education in environmental science or related field.

More information can be found in our Staff Application Handbook.


Land Specialist


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