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Musical Theatre Director

Camp Wahanowin

  • POSITION: Musical Theatre Director
    REPORTS TO: Activity Coordinator, Camp Directors
    DURATION: June 25 – Aug 19, 2021
  • Job Summary
    The Musical Theatre Director plays an integral role at camp by being part of the Head Staff Team and being a role model to others through upholding the Wahanowin values of growth, respect, community, and tradition. This person is responsible for managing one of the most prestigious activities at camp, the Theatre Program, which includes the direction and production of the musicals at camp. The success of this objective is significantly dependent on the Musical Theatre Director’s ability to lead and work as a team with the Musical Director and Theatre Assistant/choreographer and to engage the support of Unit staff to create epic musical productions at camp. The responsibilities are more specifically outlined below:
  • Program
    • The Musical Theatre Director must be an individual who has experience working with kids and producing and directing musicals from start to finish. The program needs to be well thought out having regard for:
    o Musical selection – Keeping in mind what is on trend and what children like as well as the ages and stages of the children and what a suitable musical may be for each given unit. Performances are typically scheduled for each Saturday evening with 4 separate musical performances by children and  one by the CIT/staff.
    o Scheduling – It is a very fast paced schedule with a musical being performed by a different Unit of campers each week. This means that auditions and casting happen for one Unit while rehearsals are  occurring for another Unit of children. Needless to say, the Musical Theatre Director needs to be adaptable, flexible and organized to be able to accommodate these timeframes.
    o The Hype – Being able to create the magic and hype around each musical is paramount. Kids look  forward to having each musical revealed to them through a breaking skit or a creative way. I helps to build the anticipation and excitement for the program.
    o The Wahanowin Values of growth, respect, community and tradition.
  • Skill Development
    • Empower campers and staff to engage in the Theatre program to develop their musical theatre skills of singing, dancing and acting
    • Support all campers and staff to enhance their musical theatre skills
    • Recognize and validate camper and staff efforts and skill development through creative awards at the appropriate time
  • Evaluation/Feedback
    • Weekly meetings (or more as required) with the Activity Coordinator to discuss program, staff, issues with campers and staff etc.
    • Give and receive comprehensive performance feedback to/from the Activity Coordinator
    • Evaluate and validate the Musical Director and Theatre Assistant through ongoing through verbal communication and write 2 written formal reports on each
  • Requirements within the Camp
    • Attendance at Flagpole
    • Punctuality at ALL meals
    • Attend and participate in all Senior Staff meetings
    • Participate enthusiastically in Unit evening programs when available
    • Participate in Senior OD when scheduled
    • Your presence, enthusiasm and support are crucial to the success of the summer

What does a successful program look like?
• Saturday nights in the Theatre that enhances the camp’s sense of community through watching exceptional musical productions and being proud of the individuals on stage
• A camp that is stoked about the theatre program and musical selections by seeing the amazing breaking skits and enthusiasm of the theatre staff
• All campers feel like they are valued and have a role to play
• Campers are actively engaged, developing their skills and having fun while rehearsing and performing
• Counsellors and staff are actively assisting with the theatre productions, sets, costumes, makeup etc. and are involved with the campers
• Campers and staff are safe
• There’s a sense of spirit, happiness and camaraderie
• All decisions, interactions and behaviours fall in line with Camp Wahanowin’s values of growth, respect, community and tradition


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April 14, 2021

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