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Music Director

Camp Tawingo

How would you like…

  • To be part of the gift of Camp we get to give to Tawingo’s campers this summer, after the year they’ve had, after the year we’ve all had, after a summer away?
  • To help us deliver the safest possible Camp experience for each camper and staff member in our care?
  • To “note” that it isn’t any “treble” to B# and B-Natural while “singing” the praises of our campers in the Music Program?!

The Music Director plays piano for sing songs and selects (or writes their own), holds auditions for, rehearses, and supervises the performance of a Camp Musical.

If you are a post-secondary school student and interested in joining the Tawingo Staff Team in general and being the Music Director in particular, please send your resume to

Please note that Standard First Aid with CPR-B or C is essential while having a Bronze Cross is an asset.  Wanting to have fun while building great kids is also essential!



March 31, 2021

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