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LIT & CIT Coordinator

Reporting to the Camp Director, Associate Camp Director, and Assistant Directors, the LIT and CIT Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities for the camp include, and are not limited to the following:

Work Location: 

You will primarily work out of Crestwood Valley Day Camp and Crestwood School’s location at 411 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1N9.  From time to time, you will be required to supervise field trips and other off-site activities.  

Identifying Camper Needs:

  • Know and develop a positive relationship with each camper.
  • Understand behavioral impacts and how to assess and implement strategies to improve.
  • Review each camper’s profile and plan for the camper accordingly.
  • Know the developmental needs of the age group and each camper.
  • Be vigilant about the campers overall well being.
  • Maintain contact with campers’ parents as necessary; including notifying parents of new campers regarding their adjustment.
  • Be an advocate for each camper.
  • In matters of concern regarding camper behavior, inform any of the Directors.

Facilitating LIT and CIT Programming:

  • Assist in creation of the daily schedule that includes camp activities as well as leadership training sessions.
  • Set ground rules for LITs and CITs and ensure they are adhered to.
  • Monitor participation throughout the assigned weekly schedule, and ensure all LITs and CITs are participating appropriately in all camp programs.
  • Implement training sessions for the LITs and CITs that are creative, fun, developmentally appropriate, and meet the needs and interests of the group.
  • Assist in organization and implementation of an LIT and CIT community service project.
  • Observe LITs and CITs in their interactions around camp and provide feedback to the LITs and CITs about their performance.
  • Communicate regularly with Head Staff regarding LIT and CIT performance in their cabins.
  • Conduct debrief sessions with LITs and CITs.
  • Conduct daily inspection and cleanup of the LIT and CIT room. 
  • Supervise LITs and CITs and assist in conducting mid-summer and end-of-season written evaluations.
  • Encourage LITs and CITs to develop positive relationships with their campers.
  • Teach LITs and CITs how to understand the needs of their campers.
  • Teach LITs and CITs to create an environment where the camper feels emotionally supported and physically safe.
  • Teach LITs and CITs methods for providing opportunities for the camper to achieve success.
  • Teach LITs and CITs appropriate methods of dealing with camper behavior.


Additional Responsibilities for all Head Staff and General Staff:

  • Set a good example for campers including cleanliness, punctuality, sharing cleanup and duties, and sportsmanship.
  • Follow camp rules and regulations as described in the Employment Agreement and Code of Conduct.
  • Encourage respect for personal property, camp equipment and facilities.
  • Maintain good public relations with campers’ parents.
  • Submit all required reports and documentation on time.
  • Create and implement quality and intentional camp programs.
  • Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving in the group.
  • Carry out established roles for supervising camper health and wellness. 
  • Carry out established roles in enforcing camp safety regulations.
  • Help campers plan their participation in unit or camp-wide programs, special events and activities.
  • Provide opportunities for each camper to achieve success.
  • Provide opportunities to discuss individual/group problems/concerns.
  • Create an environment where the camper feels emotionally supported.
  • Praise positive camper/group behavior and manage undesired actions.
  • Monitor cleanliness and campers’ health and monitor cabin room cleanliness.

There may be duties that may be reasonably assigned to you from time to time. You agree that Crestwood Valley Day Camp can make changes to your duties from time to time, in-order to meet its organizational objectives. In the event of a fundamental change to the location of your work, your position, responsibilities, or duties, you will be given notice of the same in accordance with and limited to the provisions of the ESA. Please note that this employment agreement will remain binding upon you notwithstanding subsequent promotions, changes to compensation and changes in responsibilities and duties, unless both parties agree otherwise in writing.




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