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Lifeguard (Program Support)

Hockey Opportunity Camp

The Program Support Instructors have a diverse yet important role in our camp environment. These Instructors work as additional water qualified staff, to provide extra supervision and assistance in various camp areas but not limited to; waterfront programming, camp programming, the Teammate program, program maintenance, and Staff Development Bronze Med/Bronze Cross Instruction.  In regards to any waterfront assistance, the Program Support Instructors will be responsible for working alongside the Head of Waterfront to ensure the safe and secure operation of HOC’s Waterfront, including the new Aquaglide floating challenge track. Together, they will provide assistance with daily lifeguarded free swims for all sections, and instruct and supervise HOC’s LIT and CIT instructional swim periods. When required, the Program Support Instructors will work as both land and/or water activity instructors as well. 

Instructors provide program instruction, based on an outlined program curriculum and Community, Leadership, Accountability, and Performance, fundamental qualities. Standards are developed on skills-based progressions through an established awards system already in place at HOC. Instructors are expected to teach classes that are age-appropriate, productive, and fun. This includes being prepared to teach in a variety of weather conditions (rainy day programs).  Evening instruction (2 days) of evening activities is an expectation of all Activity Instructors. Activity Instructors are required to maintain their program areas and equipment, ensuring adequate equipment supply and safety during daily program development time (PDT) each day (1 hr) as required. Every week instructors are also responsible for writing personal evaluations on each camper they teach during the week. As a part of the larger camp community activity instructors also expected to actively participate and provide supervision during All-Camp Activities throughout the week. This includes program periods that may not be outlined on daily schedules, such as meals, section activities, free swim, campfires, and others as assigned.  


Provide daily supervision and lifeguarding for free swim periods and section activities.

Provide instruction and supervision for HOC’s Staff Development swim programs, including Emergency First Aid Instruction for LITs.

Provide assistance and supervision for the Teammate Program as required.

Provide assistance to Camp Programs as required by the Program Director (PDT, inventory, inspections, instruction, etc).

Provide supervision for any additional waterfront programming, including the new Aquaglide floating challenge track.

Daily program development/maintenance time (1 hour) as needed.

Evening activity instruction ( Monday, Tuesday) (1 hour).

Wednesday cabin coverage to facilitate counsellor evening off.

Sunday Camper Registration (work brigades, registration, evening program).

Saturday- Swim/First Aid Instruction for LITs.

Thursday- compose detailed camper evaluations (for any program instructional classes assigned throughout the week).

Additional classes and supervision as required.

Preparation of alternative “Rainy Day” programs.

Work One “Holdover Weekend”. Friday evening cabin supervision (if required) and provide programming and supervision for holdover campers (campers here 2+ weeks) Saturday and Sunday.


All Program staff are required to attend the May program development weekend.

All staff are required to deliver every day our Brand Promise “Best Summer Of Your Life” in each camper and staff interaction. Guided to success in delivery of this promise by our four core principles, Community, Leadership, Accountability, and Performance.

All staff are expected to abide by and enforce camp guidelines of respect. These are the rules and expectations of behaviour implemented to maintain a fun and safe camp environment.

All staff are responsible for the safety and security of each camper in their care. Staff are to follow prescribed program standards and lesson plans in order to ensure the highest level of care and instruction.

Attendance for all staff to the June orientation week training is mandatory. This training period is where each staff will receive essential employment information and training for a successful summer experience.

Participation in camp-wide special events (Evening Programs, All Camp Activities, Campfires, and Friday Finale) and weekly meetings are an expectation of all staff members.

The dynamic nature of summer camp demands each staff understand that additional duties may be assigned as required.


Room & Board Provided.

Weekly Staff Hockey & Water Skiing.

Staff working a full eight-week contract period are entitled to one weekend off (Friday after daily duties to Sunday evening program).

Access to program and recreation equipment.

An experience that will last a lifetime.


To apply, please send a resume to


Waterfront / Swim Specialist

January 26, 2021

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