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Camp Kirk empowers neurodiverse kids and youth to reach their potential through recreational programs. Within a small and nurturing community, our programs emphasize strengths so that participants can develop confidence, connection and community. 

NOTE: Camp Kirk supports neurodiverse kids and youth, ages 6-17. The majority of our campers have learning disabilities, autism, and/or ADHD.



Camp Kirk staff work as a team to ensure the physical and emotional safety of the campers during their 7- or 14-day stay at camp. The staff create a nurturing and supportive environment that meets the specialized needs of individual kids and youth, as well as groups of campers. 

The Swim Staff position is a dynamic role that encompasses elements of childcare as well as program facilitation and lifeguarding. Responsibilities include: 

  • Swim Program: planning and facilitating a fun and engaging recreational swim program that meets the needs of individual campers, as well as the whole group.
  • Lifeguarding: daily lifeguarding duties, as well as supporting and overseeing the team of lifeguards that supervise the pool during daily ‘free swims’.
  • Counselling: Within a counsellor team of 3-5 staff members, create a nurturing and supportive environment for a cabin group of up to 6 campers. Staff are assigned a different cabin group and counselling teams each session, therefore there is the possibility to work with any and all age groups (ages 6-17), and a variety of different staff members. 



The dates of employment run from June 18th – August 30th, 2022. Staff reside at camp in cabins with 3-4 other staff members. Room and Board is provided over and above the salary.

The compensation for first-year staff is $5,285*



  • Must be at least 19+ years old by June 2022, or a graduate of Camp Kirk’s Leader-in-Training program
  • Must currently hold or be able to obtain a NLS Certification by June 2022
  • All staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Must be able to complete the full summer contract
  • Applicants should be keen to work and live in a close-knit communal setting
  • Previous experience working in a camp environment is an asset
  • Previous experience working with children and/or individuals with exceptionalities is an asset



Fill out a Staff Application through the Camp Kirk website, or using the following link:                                    


Waterfront / Swim Specialist

July 1, 2022

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