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Leadership Trainers

Leadership trainers are responsible for facilitating and delivering high quality and intentional
Leadership Programs at YMCA Camp Pine Crest. In pairs, trainers work co-operatively to deliver
our leadership program. Leadership trainers will plan and deliver activities, learning sessions
and debriefs that help participants develop awareness and skills. Trainers will also help each
member of the group understand how their own actions affects the well-being of the whole
group and take action to improve themselves and their group. Furthermore participants will get
exposure to leadership theory, group development, skill development and opportunities to build
resilience and confidence.
An integral part of our leadership program is out trip, where trainers mentor participants in
either kayaking, flat water or white water canoe trips. Leadership trainers will plan and deliver
camping trips in a way that helps participants develop awareness and skills. Leadership trainers
are expected to demonstrate a high level of accountability and act as positive and active role
models. These staff members must also be comfortable delivering a wide variety of
qualifications, theoretical and practical program sessions. Not only must Leadership Trainers be
proficient in facilitating various leadership development sessions, they must also possess the
certifications and experience necessary to manage risk and demonstrate good judgment while
leading these trips. While not in a program, Leadership Trainers will provide support in the outtripping department or any other program area where needed. All Trainers will attend the
Leadership Information Day in late May to meet the families of their participants.

LIT and SL trainers will also be responsible for delivering a high school credit to participants.
This includes facilitating assignments, marking, and ensuring participant completion. There will
be an extra day of training added onto those who will deliver the course.
Training opportunities include JLIT (13-14 year olds), LIT (15 year olds), and SL (16 year olds). The
length of program varies.

JLIT and LIT leadership programs will be supervised by the OP Assistant Directors, with support
from the Leadership Section Head and OP Director. The Senior Leadership programs will be
supervised by either the Leadership Section Head or the OP Director, with support from the OP
Assistant Directors.


How to apply to be a Leadership Trainer:

At Pine Crest we strive to have a mentorship structure that encourages all staff to share
knowledge that they possess with one another. We hope to have a varied level staff experience
on each trip and have staff work collaboratively throughout the summer running our leadership
programs. The aim is to provide better support to less experienced staff and to help develop
mentorship skills within our more experienced staff. Having the ability to work with a variety of
age groups and experience level is an incredible learning experience for any Leadership Trainer.
Being able to modify and adjust your teaching style and deliver effective programming to any
age group is a skill that we feel all staff should feel confident in.
If you wish to be a Leadership Trainer this summer please indicate what level program (JLIT, LIT,
or SL) and whether you would be interested in running a white water or flatwater trip. We are
doing our hiring based on level of leadership and you will find out which programs you are
running when jobs offers are sent out.
Leadership Training opportunities for 2021 include (for more information on programs, check
out our website)

Position Dates Minimum Requirements Preferred
Head (1)
June 16th

September 3rd
Standard First Aid, CPR C, NLS,
ACCT Level 2 Ropes, F Class
driver’s license and minimum
21 years of age for insurance
Experience in
intermediate education
programs, ORCKA BI
June 21st

September 3rd
Flatwater Trip: Wilderness
Advanced First Aid, CPR C,
NLS, ORCKA Canoe Tripping
Level 3
ORCKA Basic Instructor (for 4
week programs)
Whitewater Trip: Wilderness
Advanced First Aid, CPR C,
NLS, ORCKA Canoe Tripping
ORCKA Canoe tripping or
Moving Water
instructor, previous
leadership experience,
Wilderness First
Level 3, ORCKA Moving Water
Level 2, Whitewater Rescue
Technician, Wilderness First
Responder (for all trips four
weeks or longer)

Leader in Training (LIT) Senior Leadership (SL)
2 Week JLIT Spanish River
(White Water)
3 Week LIT Lake Superior Sea
Kayak (flatwater)
4 Week SL French River (July
and August, flatwater)
2 Week JLIT Georgian Bay Sea
Kayak (flatwater)
4 Week LIT Dumoine River
(July- Female, August- Male,
6 Week SL Broadback River
2 Week JLIT Noire River
4 Week LIT Temagami (JulyMale, August- Female,
7 Week SL Attawapiskat River
2 Week JLIT Algonquin
Provincial Park (flatwater)
4 Week LIT Wabakimi
Provincial Park (whitewater)
3 Week JLIT Petawawa River
5 Week LIT Missinaibi River
4 Week JLIT Coulonge River
(July- Female, August- Male,
5 Week LIT Bloodvein River
4 Week JLIT Noire River (JulyMale, August- Female,
4 Week JLIT Algonquin
Provincial Park (July- Female,
August- Male, flatwater)



May 10, 2021

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