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Leadership Team

Leadership Team 

Pine Crest has a robust leadership program for participants from ages 13 to 16.  Our leadership programs rely heavily on experiential learning, leadership theory, group development and out-tripping to teach personal and group skills.  Pine Crest’s Leadership programs focus on building awareness, goal setting and skill building. Participants are encouraged to identify issues they are passionate about, consider ways they can contribute to that cause and develop skills to feel empowered about taking part in their community. Our Leadership Programs help teens be independent and successful. Out trip is a big part of all of our leadership programs where participants build both tripping and hard skills, along with resiliency, perseverance and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Leadership Section Head 

The Leadership Section Head is responsible for the care and development of Pine Crest leadership participants and trainers. This role provides support and training for leadership staff, encourages implementation of Pine Crest leadership program values, facilitates Pine Crest leadership progression, and utilizes adolescent development resources. The Leadership Section Head is involved in programming with each of the Leadership groups. The Leadership Section Head ensures that administrative requirements, such as leadership appraisals, surveys and high school credit paperwork, are met in a timely fashion.  This person works closely with the Out-Tripping (OP) team to ensure consistency between leadership programs in camp and on trip, including managing scheduled call-ins and trip emergencies.  They will be the main contact with families of leadership participants providing regular trip updates as well as in situations of concern or even crisis. The Leadership Section Head is supported by one of the Summer Camp Directors.

Leadership Trainers  

Leadership trainers will work in pairs to facilitate and deliver high quality and intentional Leadership Programs at YMCA Camp Pine Crest. Leadership trainers will plan and execute activities, learning sessions and debriefs that help participants develop self awareness and hard skills. Trainers will also coach each Leadership Participant within their group, helping them understand how their personal actions can affect the well-being of the whole group and how to take action to improve themselves and the situation. Furthermore, participants will get exposure to leadership theory, group development, skill development and opportunities to build resilience and confidence.

An integral part of our leadership program is out trip, where trainers mentor participants in either kayaking, flat water or white water canoe trips. Leadership trainers will plan and deliver camping trips in a way that helps participants develop awareness and skills. Leadership trainers are expected to demonstrate a high level of accountability and act as positive and active role models. These staff members must also be comfortable delivering a wide variety of qualifications, theoretical and practical program sessions. Not only must Leadership Trainers be proficient in facilitating various leadership development sessions, they must also possess the certifications and experience necessary to manage risk and demonstrate good judgment while leading these trips. While not in a program, Leadership Trainers will provide support in the out-tripping department or any other program area where needed.   All Trainers will attend the Leadership Information Day in late May to meet the families of their participants.

LIT and SL trainers will also be responsible for assisting with participant high school credits. This includes facilitating assignments, marking, and ensuring participant completion. There will be an extra day of training added for those who will deliver this course.

Training opportunities include JLIT (13-14 year olds), LIT (15 year olds), and SL (16 year olds). The length of program varies.

JLIT and LIT leadership programs will be supervised by the OP Assistant Directors, with support from the Leadership Section Head and OP Director. The Senior Leadership programs will be supervised by either the Leadership Section Head or the OP Director, with support from the OP Assistant Directors.

How to apply to be a Leadership Trainer:

At Pine Crest we strive to have a mentorship structure that encourages staff to share their knowledge. We aim to staff each trip with trainers of different levels who can work collaboratively throughout the summer to run leadership programs. Our goal is to provide support and mentorship opportunities to less experienced staff by pairing them with a more experienced staff member. Having the ability to work with a variety of age groups and experience level is an incredible learning experience for any Leadership Trainer. Being able to modify and adjust your teaching style and deliver effective programming to any age group is a skill that we feel all staff should feel confident in.

If you wish to be a Leadership Trainer this summer please indicate what level program (JLIT, LIT, or SL) and whether you would be interested in running a white water or flatwater trip. We are doing our hiring based on level of leadership and you will find out which programs you are running when jobs offers are sent out.

Leadership Training opportunities for 2022 include (for more information on programs, check out our website)

Salary: Starting $400 per week

Position Dates Minimum Requirements Preferred
Leadership Section Head (1) June 15th– September 3rd Standard First Aid, CPR C, NLS, ACCT Level 2 Ropes, F Class driver’s license and minimum 21 years of age for insurance purposes Experience in intermediate education programs, ORCKA BI
Leadership Trainer (30) June 20th – September 3rd


Flatwater Trip: Wilderness Advanced First Aid, CPR C, NLS, ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3

ORCKA Basic Instructor (for 4 week programs)


Whitewater Trip: Wilderness Advanced First Aid, CPR C, NLS, ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3, ORCKA Moving Water Level 2, Whitewater Rescue Technician, Wilderness First Responder (for all trips four weeks or longer)

ORCKA Canoe tripping or Moving Water instructor, previous leadership experience, Wilderness First Responder
Junior Leader in Training (JLIT) Leader in Training (LIT) Senior Leadership (SL)
2 Week JLIT Spanish River (White Water) 3 Week LIT Lake Superior Sea Kayak (flatwater) 4 Week SL French River (July and August, flatwater)
2 Week JLIT Georgian Bay Sea Kayak  (flatwater) 4 Week LIT Dumoine River (July- Female, August- Male, whitewater) 5 Week SL Harricana River (whitewater)
2 Week JLIT Noire River (whitewater) 4 Week LIT Temagami  (July- Male, August- Female, flatwater) 8 Week SL Winisk River (whitewater)
2 Week JLIT Algonquin Provincial Park  (flatwater) 4 Week LIT Wabakimi Provincial Park (whitewater)
3 Week JLIT Petawawa River (whitewater) 5 Week LIT Bloodvein River (whitewater)
4 Week JLIT Coulonge River (July- Female, August- Male, whitewater)
4 Week JLIT Noire River (July- Male, August- Female, whitewater)
4 Week JLIT Algonquin Provincial Park  (July- Female, August- Male, flatwater)



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