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Leadership in Training (LIT) Leader

Leadership-In-Training Job Description:

As the LIT leader, you are part of Fraser Lake Camp’s leadership team and are in charge of ensuring the safety of the LIT participants while at camp and on out trip in Algonquin Park. You are to provide a pre-departure training for each participant in order to prepare them for the canoe trip, as well as a post-trip debriefing that complies with the program set out at the beginning of the summer. You must possess NLS certification and CPR, First Aid. 18+. As part of the Leadership Staff, you must also respect and follow the rules and policies of Fraser Lake Camp. Some of the tasks that you will perform are:

  • Ensure each LIT participant is equipped with the skills they will need on the canoe trip and be ready to provide extra training for LIT’s who need it
  • Prior to the trip pack the food barrels with assistance from the LIT participants
  • Assist the LIT participants in packing the dry bags
  • Lead planned leadership and devotional sessions during the canoe trip
  • Ensure that all tripping equipment stays in good condition before, during, and after each trip
  • Show and teach the LITs how to properly use all of the equipment to reduce potential damage
  • Report any damages to the equipment that must be repaired to the camp director
  • Engage in camp activities such as campfire, chapel, and wide game with the LIT participants
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Be prepared to go above and beyond your job description!

About Fraser Lake Camp

A long, long time ago – way back in 1955 – Fraser Lake Camp was started with a mission to provide a life-changing camp community, full of growth-focused outdoor experiences! Since then, we have shared our traditional overnight camp programs with thousands of children.

Fraser Lake Camp was established by the Mennonite community, which means that we actively teach values like working together, social justice, caring for the environment, and non-violent problem solving. We recognize that our campers come from a variety of faith traditions, including no faith background, which is why Fraser Lake Camp is so committed to welcoming diversity and embracing our differences.

Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, it is Fraser Lake Camp’s goal to make sure everyone leaves camp feeling like Fraser Lake Camp is home. This is why we place such a big emphasis on making sure our staff and campers feel welcome and accepted.


Canoe Trip

February 28, 2023


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