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Leadership Director (LIT Program)

Contract Dates: June 18th, 2023  – August 29th, 2023

The Leadership Program is our second year leadership program for campers ages 16-17. It is a rich learning experience that integrates leaders into the in-camp program and a five-day canoe trip, focusing on developing skills in leadership, counselling, activity instruction, teamwork and communication required for leaders of today! The Leadership Director works with a co-director to facilitate this program.

All Leaders-In-Training will also work on attaining:

Emergency First Aid and CPR-C
Bronze Medallion and/or Cross
ORCKA canoeing levels
Optional Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership, Grade 12 (PLF4M) OSSD Credit

Job Overview

  • Oversee and support the overall health, safety and well-being of the Leaders-In-Training.
  • Support Directors and Senior staff with operation of camp
  • Assign appropriate activities, trip groups, swim classes, canoeing lessons and sections for each Leader
  • Participate in 5-day canoe trip with Leadership Groups
  • Professional communication with parents
  • Support the planning and implementation of special events
  • Instruction of core leadership principals
  • Participate with Leaders at their activities and in their sections on a daily basis
  • Provide ongoing evaluations and feedback
  • Provide formal written evaluation to LITs at the end of each month with a clear indication of how the LIT performed
  • Make it a priority to integrate the Leadership program into overall camp life as much as possible
  • Facilitate the Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership, Grade 12 (PLF4M) course credit, including covering materials in the curriculum, providing rubrics, evaluations, and culminating projects and report cards
  • Provide recommendations with regards to who should return as a staff member and provide recommendations to the Director at the end of the summer


  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with youth;
  • Bronze Cross certification or higher.

To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume to the Director, Jackie Pye, by email at Or, submit an application through our staff portal, here.



February 28, 2023


(416) 322-9735