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Kitchen Team Lead

Food Services Team
The Food Services Team is responsible for meal planning, preparation and clean up for up to 350
campers and staff each day! Together they operate two dining halls, to provide three meals a
day to everyone staying on site. The food services team is diligent in working with campers and
families who have allergies and dietary restrictions, making sure that all campers have delicious
and nutritious food throughout their stay at camp. Food Service Team members have a love for
food, working closely with others and enjoy working in a fast paced environment.

Team Leads
The Team Leads assist in the planning of all meals, ordering all food products, managing the
Kitchen Staff and contributing to the Pine Crest Health and Safety Team. They will work in either
our main dining hall (Kekindewin) or our smaller dining hall (Winter Lodge), depending on the
season. They will also be responsible for running the kitchen, and supervising Prep Cooks.

Team Leads must ensure that all meals and kitchen procedures are in accordance with the
standards of the YMCA, the Ontario Camping Association and the Ministry of Health. This
position is in place to directly support and off-set the schedule of the Food Service Director and
will oversee the high quality required to run both dining halls on site. They will also ensure the
safety of all clients in regards to dietary needs and allergies. The Team Leads are supported and
supervised by the Food Services Director.

June 14 -Sept 3 (extended contract available)




May 9, 2021

YMCA Camp Pine Crest