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Kitchen Staff Positions – See what’s “cooking” at Tawingo!?

At Camp Tawingo, we have fun building GREAT kids!

How would YOU like to have fun making great food for GREAT kids this summer!?!

And make money making great food for great kids!! 🙂

(As well as live by the lake, spend the summer with other amazing people, and share in the joys and reap the rewards that come from working in a Camp setting?)

Camp Tawingo is looking for positive, energetic, and diligent staff to join our Kitchen Team! We run a fast-paced, fun kitchen and hold high standards for the food we create and serve to our campers and staff…food that they RAVE about. Our kitchen staff are managed and directed by our Executive Chef, Ian Hunwicks, and our Kitchen Manager, Gloria Lovo.

We’re ‘muffin’ without our Kitchen Staff!

Please find below positions we are looking to fill for this summer!

Dishwasher/Kitchen Helper

Our Dishwashers/Kitchen Helpers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. We serve 3 meals a day for approximately 500 campers and staff. During your shift you will be responsible for cleaning service dishes before/during/after meal service with the assistance of other kitchen staff. When there are no dishes to be done you will be required to assist with other duties such as food prep and stock rotation.
Duties include but are not limited to:
● Washing dishes after every meal – most of these are done by a huge dishwasher!
● Maintaining cleanliness in dish room/kitchen throughout the day
● Sweeping and mopping of kitchen and Dining Hall, daily
● Assisting where needed in kitchen throughout the day
● Maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen in accordance with the Ministry of Health standards and protocols

Baker/Pastry Chef

Our bakeshop is a very busy part and fun of our kitchen. We make fresh, homemade bread, buns, crusts, pastries, and other desserts every day. The Baker/Pastry Chef is responsible for all things bread and dessert related, as well as camper/staff snacks. Our Baker/Pastry Chef will be required to create specialty desserts for vegan and gluten free diets. Prior experience is required along with a Safe Food Handler Certificate. Effective time management and the ability to adapt to changes in plans are essential skills for our Baker/Pastry Chef.
Duties may include but are not limited to:
● Managing inventory of bakeshop ingredients and stock
● Recipe conversions to accommodate the number of campers/staff on site
● Making large quantities of doughs, batters, and icing
● Maintaining a clean and healthy Bake Shop in accordance with the Ministry of Health standards and protocols
● Assisting where needed in kitchen



August 1, 2022

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