Job Posting

Junior Staff Director

Job Summary:

To provide an exceptional camp experience for all campers ensuring a safe and fun environment. As facilitators of the camper experience, to strive to raise self-esteem.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

Including but not limited to,

Design Junior Staff programming.
Hire adequate Junior Staff to fill required positions.
Ensure all paperwork is completed and filed with Office Manager.
Develop and oversee leadership trainings for Junior Staff.
Schedule and facilitate regular check-ins with Junior Staff.
Mentor and support Junior Staff.
Assure communication with all program staff regarding Junior Staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage.
Professionally attend to all assignments and supervisory duties.
Carry out any other responsibilities as designated by the Director.

Common Responsibilities:

Working in a manner that preserves confidentiality and encourages risk management.
Incorporating and strengthening collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork.
Respecting and valuing the diversity of individuals.
Contributing to the organization’s activities to collect, analyze and report on data and relevant information.
Contributing to the organization’s work by participating in meetings as necessary.
Participate in evaluation and clean up at the end of camp.

Desired Qualifications

Be of excellent character, modeling honesty, integrity and respect.
Completion of a post secondary degree/diploma, or combination of appropriate education and experience.
Possess enthusiasm, energy, patience and sense of humour.
Experience and/or desire to work with children in dynamic outdoor setting.
Skilled at dealing with all children, including those who are challenging.
Ability to relate well to peers, to be a team player, to give/receive feedback.
Ability to solve personnel problems, accuracy in reporting workplace health and safety issues, ability to coach staff.
Confidence in leading activities and groups.

Lines of Communication

The Junior Staff Director will report directly to the Camp Director




June 15, 2022

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