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Junior Counsellor (Counsellor in Training)

We know that for many of you, starting to ‘work’ at camp can be somewhat stressful and intimidating. Our intention is to provide a comfortable, balanced transition from being a camper to being a TSC staff member. This enhanced outdoor leadership program will set you up for success for your camp career and in your future scholastic and professional life.

Here at TSC we have always felt that this ‘in-training’ position deserves some compensation. At many other camps you have to PAY for this transition year but at TSC we PAY YOU. (and in fact for 2023 we have TRIPLED the amount of compensation that Junior Counsellors will receive).  A Junior Counsellor summer at TSC results in thousands of dollars of savings to you and your family but still provides an incredible outdoor experience and some serious skill training. We also provide accommodation, board and laundry all free of charge.

For many former TSC staff, their year at TSC at age 17 created lifelong friendships that went on to serve as important parts of their professional and personal lives. Camp connections are often forever connections.

Outdoor Leadership and Healthy Active Living Skills. 

In the Summer of 2024, as part of the Junior Counsellor position and program for those employees that are eligible and interested in obtaining the credit, TSC will be starting to offer the Ontario High School Credit PLF4M Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership. TSC has registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education to begin offering this credit however, since it is the first time this credit is being formally offered by TSC the government will conduct an audit process that takes place DURING the 2024 summer months as the course is being delivered for the first time. TSC has been advised that it is technically possible that for some reason, the government declines to finalize TSC’s authorization to issue this course for credit towards a student’s high school diploma. Although TSC has no reason to think this will happen, the final decision is in the hands of the government, not TSC (and in this unlikely circumstance the formal credit would not be issued to the Junior Counsellor by TSC). Kindly note that neither the role of the Junior Counsellor nor their contractual relationship with TSC would change regardless of whether the government grants final approval for this credit or not. Any questions regarding eligibility for this course credit (particularly for interested out-of-province students) should be directed to the TSC Business Office.”

Some other  highlights of the revised JC position include:

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  • Alumni Mentorship – To learn about different outdoor leadership models and develop their own leadership style
  • High School Community Service Hours – Some of your required hours to a likely maximum of 10, can be obtained during volunteer service for Algonquin Park on non-TSC work days.
    – Opportunities to earn Community Service hours while participating in authentic hands-on projects at camp and in Algonquin Park (pending approval from Algonquin Park.)
  • Bronze Cross and Emergency First Aid–  These courses and exams will now be facilitated at camp early in the season as part  of this new program only.
  • ORCKA –Canadian Style Paddling and/or Canoe Tripping Course (level TBD)
  • Special Programs – Help build a canoe!
    – Go on short canoe trips with our Head Guides and the Canoeing Instructors.
    – Take a field trip to the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station. Help us create the summer YOU want to experience in Algonquin Park.

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April 30, 2024

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