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Head of Canoe

Head of Canoeing

Come join the Kandalore community and spend your summer on our beautiful waterfront! Providing a space for campers to develop their canoeing skills, the Head of Canoe ensures a safe and engaging program for all. We are searching for a canoeing enthusiast to take on the Kandalore’s Canoe program with strong leadership and unwavering passion. Please read below a brief detailing of the daily duties for this position and reach out to if you are interested in learning more!

Duration: June 18th – August 27th, 2024

Standing: Program Manager

Preferred Qualifications:

  • ORCKA Basic Canoe Instructors
  • ORCKA Level 4
  • Strong canoe experience

Description of Duties:

  • Responsible for the management of the canoeing program as a whole, including the management of staff.
  • Planning/facilitating appropriate canoe lesson plans for each specific ORCKA level
  • Demonstrating strong paddling skills; must have your ORCKA Basic Canoe Instructors and highly recommend having ORCKA level 4
  • Enforce and establish proper care and handling of all equipment
  • Tracks each campers level progression and completes a report card for the end of each session
  • Provide feedback to all staff, including informal and bi-weekly reviews.
  • Personally conducts written evaluations for LITs and Pathfinders every 2 weeks.
  • Coordinate LIT and Pathfinder ORCKA program with Leadership directors.
  • Inventory – constant understanding of program needs and communication of those needs to the program director.
  • Ensures the activity area is kept clean, organized and properly maintained each day
  • Facilitates opportunities for further skill development during 5:00 pm activity time
  • Support other aspects of Kandalore’s program. (Tuck, Special Program, Pathfinder)
  • Have an active presence in camp life.  Enjoy the Kandalore environment and participate in camp-wide events


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